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  1. If they are already waitlisting people, I wonder if the class is full? I am interviewing Oct 29th - are we interviewing only for a waitlist spot at this point?
  2. How was everyone's interview?? I can't believe they only have three seats open......
  3. My best advice is don't psych yourself out. I know that it's hard, and whenever people would give me that advice before my interview, I would get super annoyed.... obviously you're going to be nervous. I did a LOT of research on interview tips before my interview, and honestly I didn't really use many of them. I dressed professionally (black slacks, a black jacket, low black heels, a white and black shirt with a modest necklace) and made sure I knew what I wanted to say to the most common PA interview questions - why PA, why not MD/NP/RN, etc. I think the biggest thing that helped me during my interview was being myself. I did not want to put on a show and act like someone I'm not. I smiled, laughed, talked about my dog, and tried to have at least one more personal conversation with my interviewer. Being yourself and not rehearsing/acting different is the best thing you can do, because it helps you calm down and makes you seem very confident.
  4. my interview went great actually... I got accepted to the class of 2021! I clicked submit on June 4th, and I received a notification from DYC that my app was received June 9th, so really early in the game. I am still in shock that everything happened the way it did for me. Good luck with everything!
  5. I called the number they gave me and clarified - apparently they moved people up and are now filling more 2017 seats than they originally thought. She even said that if I don't get in for fall 2017 I'm still in the running for fall 2018. I was confused too, but my interview is July 6!
  6. I know this sub has been dead for a while, but yesterday I got an interview offer to start Fall 2017, and I applied for the fall 2018 cycle - I guess they're bumping people up. I was just wondering if anyone was able to transfer their undergraduate credits over to shorten the program length from 4.5 years to 3.5. I spoke with a transfer admissions counselor, and she told me that I could transfer most of my credits, but then I got a different answer from someone else, so I wanted to know if anyone else had any luck.
  7. Just figured I'd start this up! Good luck to everyone :)
  8. I see everyone advising pre-PA students to compare their stats to matriculating students' stats, but I'm not actually sure how to do this. Any advice?
  9. I am thinking about accepting a job working with an Autistic teenage boy for a few hours a week and was wondering if these hours would count toward my patient care experience?
  10. Would you mind me asking what your other stats look like?
  11. I'm planning on applying this coming cycle, and lack shadowing and volunteer hours. I am trying to get as many hours as I can, and was just wondering what others have as far as shadowing hours go.
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