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  1. I was recently accepted to UoP as well and I interviewed and was wait-listed at MBK. In my impression of the programs, they are both pretty equal in their merrits. I do agree, that there wasn't as much of a family atmosphere at UoP, but the high tech facilities and the access to a Cadaver lab were both huge advantages that the program at UoP had over MBK. I do also believe that, because the students had only begun learning about a month ago at UoP, they haven't had much time for that family atmosphere to build, but I think that camaraderie will come with time, because the struggles of PA school do seem to really unite people. I also think that both schools seem to have different teaching philosophies, and I think you should opt for which ever teaching philosophy best fits your learning style. MBK seemed to be more lecture based, while UoP seemed to focus more on a flipped classroom/hands on style of learning. I'm a kinesthetic learner, so I think I will respond to the teaching style at UoP a little better, but that would be a personal decision for you. Location-wise, I think think that you should pick the program that has clinical rotations in locations that you hope to work in the future, as a lot of job offers may come from those rotations. That's my two-cents, anyway. Take it for what it's worth. Best of luck! Maybe we will be future classmates! :)
  2. I was fortunate enough to be accepted yesterday as well! I am really excited about the program and look forward to meeting everyone! Does anyone know if there is a facebook group for accepted students or anything like that?
  3. No one has heard that they are accepted yet have they? I interviewed on Friday and I have not heard anything yet.
  4. Got an email saying I wasn't accepted yesterday. Incredibly disappointed, but I'm trying to stay positive. Best of luck to everyone else who interviewed.
  5. Has anyone who was offered an interview and wait listed been taken off the wait list and accepted into the program yet?
  6. Has anyone who interviewed on 1/20 or 1/21 heard anything back yet? I know they said we'd hear back some time this week. I'm just anxious!
  7. Thrilled to have gotten an interview as well! Does anyone know what the interview process is like and how many people will be offered interviews?
  8. I'm on the alternate list as well. From what I hear, I think they go pretty deep into the alternate list. I contacted the office of admissions asking them why I was wait listed and where my application can be improved, and I recommend calling the office and doing the same. They were very helpful and gave me a lot of information that put my mind at ease.
  9. Hey, I'm pretty sure the ADCOM is meeting this morning. I'm not sure if they've made all there decisions or updated the portal for everyone who was accepted yet.
  10. Okay. Thanks for the information! And congratulations!
  11. What time did you notice the change to the accepted applicant checklist?
  12. Has anyone who interviewed on October 27 or 28th heard anything back yet?
  13. For anyone who hasn't yet received an interview, have you heard anything from NAU at all? Like a confirmation email or something? Also, for those who have received an interview, did you find out via email? It's been radio silence for me so far, and I'm starting to get worried...
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