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  1. Congrats @zrader and @ambros29! Thanks for sharing your stats earlier, zrader! Do you mind sharing your stats, ambros29? At least the hours and type of experiences? Currently still waiting to be pulled off from the wait-list from 8/10: nobody had mentioned in this forum that they got accepted from that interview date :/ Hoping for the best! Thanks!! :)
  2. By the way that you are saying it, do you mean that after all the interviews are conducted, there will be few seats open just to review the people who were waitlisted (especially the early interviewees like you have mentioned) or do you mean that the seat will be filled but there were more interviewees in the early who got accepted to the seat that other accepted students drop out of?
  3. On the same boat with you guys^ Good luck to you all and hoping for the best that we will get a chance to get pulled off the wait-list!
  4. Thanks. It was on the 10th, but I am still waiting to hear back.
  5. That's actually what it is listed on the website. Just make sure you have A&P I+II and each includes a lab. I took Physiology and Anatomy separately in my college so it works both ways! http://www.jefferson.edu/content/dam/university/admissions/Prerequisite Worksheets/PA_Prereq Worksheet_6916.pdf
  6. Does anyone know where the didactic classroom year will take place at? Is it at the Medical Center or it is in the University where the undergraduate students will be at? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Congrats! Was the essay and the quiz timed?
  8. padream127


    5/26/17 - submitted and verified.
  9. padream127


    I just received an interview invite for the waitlist. I agree with you and doubt that there would be students dropping their seats- they already got into their master program so I don't see a reason to waste money to apply for other programs. :/
  10. Hey, my overall GPA is 3.86 and 3.82 for science. I think it would have accumulated up to around 700+ hours direct hands on when I submit to CASPA. I have an addition of 200+ volunteering hours- I'm not sure if PCOM counts this. Hope this helps! Which date are you being interview on? I will be there on 8/10 @ noon! Thanks and congrats to you too! :)
  11. Hey, there. I am going to be interviewing on the same slot as you! This is just my own opinion because I really hate driving and would feel stressed out if I drive in unfamiliar places. I would choose to get a hotel room/place in Lock Haven the night before and that allow you to have plenty time to distress, dress up, etc. But if you feel comfortable in driving for 3.5 hours, I don't really see any problem with that since it's during the afternoon and you are leaving in the morning. I'm sure there are many people that does the same.
  12. Hi, everyone. I just received an interview invite today. CASPA-verified and submitted on 6/7. I am a reapplicant for CASPA cycle but new applicant for PCOM-GA campus. I'm from Pennsylvania and still overwhelmed about how I am going to plan out this trip... I hope I am not the only one that is living a distance away!
  13. padream127

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2017-2018 cycle

    I received another email for accessing into the supplemental but I will wait for a few days as you have mentioned to try again. Thanks for the clarification, Caryn!
  14. padream127

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2017-2018 cycle

    Just received an email that I will be receiving the supplemental in a few days! I graduated from Penn State and it said I have to use the LionPath so I just checked ahead but I am having a problem in locating the "Self-Servicing Portal." I have searched everywhere and couldn't find it on LionPath. Could someone please provide me with further instructions of finding it? I at least know that eLion had a "Self-Servicing" tab.
  15. Received an interview invite on 6/6 via email and will be at the 8/21 afternoon interview!! Anyone chose to be interviewing at this time as well? --Verified & submitted on 5/26. Good luck, everyone :)

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