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  1. You can also search "UND PA Class of 2020" on Facebook and request to join the group. Best of luck to people who are still waiting to hear back and congrats to those already accepted! :)
  2. Hello @kettle, I could try and set the Facebook page up today if you'd like? Congrats on your acceptance! :) If anyone else (accepted into the class of 2020) wants to join the Facebook page, feel free to private message me your name on Facebook and I will add you to the group. Thank you!
  3. I also received an acceptance email yesterday! Such a dream come true! Can't wait to meet everyone!
  4. I just received an interview offer this morning as well! Best of luck to all!
  5. @FuturePAStudent01 I applied on the deadline date and still have not heard anything yet either. However, I do know people that have already been rejected so I am remaining hopeful!
  6. @brandonhughey I have not heard back either way either!
  7. @nmizye3 I'm in the same boat as you...playing the waiting game.
  8. @Jenn22 Thanks for responding. I'm thinking of booking a hotel room close to UND. I'll be arriving Monday afternoon 10/16. I would love to get together with anyone who would like to. I think it would be helpful to get to know eachother before the interview (especially if there's a group interview portion).
  9. @HopefulPA009 I received an interview confirmation after responding to the invite. Does anyone know the style of the interview? 1 on 1, group, both? Thank you! :)
  10. I am still waiting for an invite (keeping my fingers crossed)! Congrats to those that already received interviews!
  11. For those traveling from out of town, which hotel are you staying at?
  12. I received an interview invite for Tuesday, October 17th! I am a track 2 applicant from Minnesota. I look forward to meeting some of you! :)
  13. Not yet...but I think I check my email at least 20+ times a day hoping for an email from them!
  14. Thanks for answering you guys! It's nice to hear from others and it is definitely stressful playing the waiting game. I am from Minnesota and I applied through track 2. I have been a CNA and EMT in the past. Good luck to everyone! :)
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