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  1. The guided tours are optional, and will be happening after the interviews. If your interview time is 9:30, the tour will be taking place at 12. If you are in the earlier time slot (8 AM), the guided tour will be taking place at 10:30. Hope that helps.
  2. I'm a current student who will be there for that time slot for checking in interviewees: I will be getting there at 8:45 (you certainly don't have to be that early), but I would advise leaving yourself at least a half-hour window and trying to arrive by 9:00 AM or thereabouts. I'm double-checking with our interview chair as to what time we'll be doing the tour for you guys, and I'll let you know.
  3. Each interview you have is individually about 15 minutes from what I remember.
  4. I think all current students and others with a Wayne uniqname received that email. I just received that email, and I'm a current WSU PAS student.
  5. If it’s like in years past, it will be a short, handwritten essay (maybe a page to a page and a half) basically just to assess your writing style. I think my topic last year was on hospital mergers or something like that.
  6. Congrats to everyone who got invites; this is going to be simultaneously the most exciting and nerve-racking month of your life! Try to relax and enjoy the ride. I’ll have to double-check which I day I volunteered to be there, but I’ll definitely be seeing some of you there for your interview. I don’t know if (or think that) the interview format has changed, but when I interviewed last year, it was two interviews — one with a faculty member and one with a community PA. The questions will be variable, depending on whom you interview with, but expect the usual suspects: “Why
  7. Try to relax and enjoy the anticipation! I know it's tough waiting, but it will all be worth it in the end.
  8. I would be shocked if you didn't hear back one way or another by the next couple of days. Faculty have narrowed down their list, interviews are already scheduled, and the fall MAPA conference is this weekend. For whomever asked, interview invites are sent out via email.
  9. They will email and ask you which days are convenient for you, and if there ends up being a conflict, you can do the interview on an alternate day.
  10. You absolutely should, without question, attend an information session, even if for no other reason than to show to faculty that you have attended an information session.
  11. I'm sure just a date range will be fine -- that's what I had them write in my letter of recommendation when I reapplied ("...has volunteered over for over 50 hours from May 2016-July 2016 / duties included landscaping, gardening, etc.")
  12. I would highly advise doing at least a couple of mock interviews if you are able. If you are still in undergrad, you could conceivably go to the career center and do mock interviews there. When I was preparing for my interview, I did a few mock interviews with friends of mine who were in professional school at the time, as well as with my boss. Whomever you do your mock interview with, make sure they're not throwing you softball questions: you want to be prepared to address any apparent holes in your application, ethical questions, and make sure you understand what it is a PA does. You wo
  13. There is a section in both CASPA as well as the supplemental app if I remember correctly. The main things you need to remember are: 1) Your letter confirming your volunteer hours must be on official letterhead and signed by someone who directly observed your work. 2) You must document (at the very least) a date range for your volunteer hours (though specific days and times are probably better). This is what I had failed to do during the previous cycle. I had the people who wrote my letter for the previous cycle update it with a date range for the times of service. 3) You must
  14. I’m not a social worker, but I recently had my orientation for my PA program (which is beginning in May), and there were a fair number of social workers in my cohort (in addition to one of the professors, who is presently a PA, but formerly a social worker). I think social work provides a unique perspective through which to view health care, and one that is advantageous in many regards. Because interpersonal communication is so important as a PA, I think this is an area where social work experience can potentially shine — not to mention having perspective on mental illness and how socio
  15. They wanted the specific dates of service documented. My letter of confirmation only said that I had completed 50 hours of community service at that particular institution without specifying the dates of service. Lesson learned.
  16. Just received a rejection email. On one hand, it's disappointing, but I'm really not upset at all, as I was accepted to my #1 choice (Wayne State) a week and a half ago. I'll be starting in May. Good luck everyone!
  17. Thanks! I sent a request to join just twenty minutes ago!
  18. I just received my acceptance email! I’m at work and am having a hard time holding it together. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.
  19. That sounds familiar. Just try to relax in the meantime. I should follow my own advice and quit obsessing. The past week and a half has been torture.
  20. To anyone wondering if it’s possible to recoup the funds from the CASPA application submission, they’ve already emailed me back and told me that they will not be issuing refunds. I didn’t think they would, but it was worth a shot.
  21. It looked like at least a week to two weeks for all invites/waitlist emails to be sent from what I saw. Fingers crossed.
  22. I did, as well. Probably a waste of time, but it doesn't hurt to email them.
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