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  1. Thank you for your input! I really appreciated it the other night as I was in my heavy contemplation mode (: Indeed, I have chosen to go with UNMC & hope that the spot I'm giving up at IUPUI goes to someone who really had their heart set on IU because it's a great program and it really had me considering giving up my seat at Nebraska instead! Ultimately, I chose UNMC because of the history of the program and its reputation for being an outstanding PA school. Best of luck to a wait lister that will be filling my slot!!
  2. So, I just received a call this morning that I was accepted to IUPUI's program off of the wait list. I'm very excited, I loved the program when I interviewed, but I, also, already accepted a seat at University of Nebraska Medical Center's program. I'm torn!! Can anyone help me decide? I'd really appreciate it. I love both, and I know I am blessed to even have these options, but I'm freaking out!! Any input is appreciated. THANK YOU fellow PA prospects!
  3. Got an email today for an interview on February 17th!
  4. Official email came last week, I'll be at the Omaha campus!! So excited to meet everyone (:
  5. No updates yet. Getting antsy to get my official offer & to accept!
  6. Bummed out that I officially received a decline letter last week :( Such an awesome program. Congratulations to all who were accepted!
  7. I received a "checking in" email on December 16th that they were still planning on having interviews on January 27th & February 17th, and that invitations for those dates would be sent out ~1 month prior to each date. No word since then.
  8. Not yet, but if you hear of something let us know! I'm also coming from out of state.
  9. Has anyone else from the alternate list heard anything from IUPUI recently? I appreciate any info!
  10. Received an email the other day that they were done pulling candidates off the wait list for this year, and that the class is now full. Bummer, it would have been nice to stay in Kansas City because that is where I live currently, but I was offered an acceptance at a higher ranking school, so I'm looking forward to that adventure now! Best of luck to my fellow alternate listers that didn't make UMKC's cut this year either!!
  11. I was also at the final interview date (December 16-17) and they mentioned that we should hear back in ~10 days to 2 weeks. Excited to hear back, it would be so amazing to be accepted here! But I have another acceptance waiting if I don't get this one. Fingers crossed though!
  12. Mine was November 4th! Aside from early acceptances, I think they were notifying all candidates from any interview date yesterday.
  13. A call with a follow-up email. Official letters will be sent out in January
  14. Got the call this morning, I was accepted as well! Can't wait to meet everyone!
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