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  1. Well, I am sad to see that this post is almost 1 year old without a reply! Is this something you are still interested in?
  2. I didn't even consider ranking when I applied. I applied to programs that had a solid mission, had a well known name with grads that represent the program well. To be honest, I probably would have accepted anywhere. The truth is, you can be the best PA in the world and have gone to the worst 'ranked' program in the country. As long as you work hard, care about what you are doing, and realize it is about the patient, it won't matter where you went to school. It is just a matter of opportunity when it comes to the program itself. Some programs will set you up with excellent rotations, some will
  3. I did not personally pursue acceptance of credits from SOCM (2009) as I didn't apply to PA school until 2016. I took anatomy and physiology at university as I needed the refresher. I ultimately became an anatomy and physiology TA which helped me dramatically during PA school. I remember UNC being very military friendly and reaching out to SOCM grads and accepting their credits from the school house. Most programs aren't going to be as accepting. It's honestly surprising how different PA school is from its inception. The days of combat medics being the main focus are dead and gone. Most program
  4. For those of you interviewing over the next two weeks, here are some things to keep in mind. You are qualified to be in this program, so keep that in mind. I know that thought kept me more calm during interviews. At the UoU, they really are just trying to get to know you and see if you fit the mission of this program. The faculty and staff that does the interviewing are really great people and they aren't out to get you or trick you. Also, keep in mind- there are no perfect answers. Just answer from within yourself, truthfully and with passion. When I interviewed, I ultimately didn't think abo
  5. Give it a few weeks for things to calm down and contact Doris. She is always more than willing to go over your application with you. It will be hectic for her for the next few weeks, but she's fantastic and will go over everything with you.
  6. I depends on the school. Check their homepage, most have dates listed for applicants. For example, UPAP has all the important dates listed on their application page, including things such as when interview invites are sent out. I recommend checking each schools timeline, they will each be a little different. Sending your application early won't get you a faster reply unless the program has rolling admissions. Hope you hear back soon! UPAP notifies applicants about interviews first week in October!
  7. Thank you for taking time to reply, but that wasn't the question. I was searching for information on Intrinsic Sympathomimetic Activity of Pindolol and Acebutalol. Meaning, they both block and stimulate Beta receptors. The question essentially is, do they cause enough stimulation of B2 in the lungs, while effective blocking of B1 in the heart to be safe in patients with COPD and Asthma. B1 (cardio selective) blockers are obviously the safe choice aside from these two ISA B-blockers. Thank you again!
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  9. Studying cardiology, and I am sort of stuck on a Beta blocker question. Beta blockers that exhibit ISA (beta agonist and beta antagonist activity) such as Acebutalol and Pindolol would seem... according to the literature... safe in asthma or COPD patients. Can someone explain the yes or no to this question? Thank you
  10. Well done. I am currently in the dog house with my wife over these sorts of things. I am a PA student and my wife refuses to see a PA for her OBGYN checkup because she wants someone 'who specialized' in the field because they 'know more' and went to school longer. Needless to say, I am wrong because I am 'just a PA student' and she is going to wait to see a Dr. Oh well!
  11. Awesome input, thank you very much for your experience and insight.
  12. I am a PA student in my second semester of didactic. We are currently discussing PA legislation and other topics and we began a discussion on PA residencies. We can't find any data to support a question we have focused on, and I am hoping someone can at least give some perspective. (opinion or hard data) Do PA residencies improve patient outcomes for new grad PAs compared to new grad PAs that do not complete a residency. Main point of the question is- regardless of residency completion, aren't all PAs legally still under the supervision of a physician, thus, wouldn't it make sense that the out
  13. I personally obtained a degree that covered my pre-reqs. I did a bachelors of science in medical laboratory science, and the only extra class I had to take was medical terminology. So I am in my second semester of 4 at the UoU and I don't think it's really that bad. It is certainly hard, you earn every bit of it but I maintain that SOCM was more difficult thus far. Maybe it has changed since I went through but I digress. CASPA does not take credits from SOCM. There is a school in North Carolina that DOES convert SOCM credits, but I don't have any more information on that. Use some of the links
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