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  1. Hi there! I'm a CA native! I'm a new grad as well living in San Diego. I recently accepted a position and interviewed in a lot of different specialties. I have thoroughly read and reviewed the Salary Report too, and it seems for a new grad in a surgical speciality the 50th percentile salary sweet spot is 120k, about 60/hr. Depending where you are living and cost of living, that is a more than fair wage. In my interviews, I have used the AAPA to use as leverage with pay and it didn't seem to raise any eyebrows with interviewers. I have found they have a number in mind they want to pay and there isn't much negotiation available from there. Just keep that in mind. Hopefully this helps! Good Luck!
  2. Okay, thank you for your feedback!
  3. I'm from CA and recently moved to AL for PA school. I start at UAB in August. I bought a home here not knowing if I will continue to live in Birmingham after I graduate or sale/move back home. I will decide that when we get there... I'm debating on whether I should apply for an AL driver's license, etc. If I do this, I could try and get in-state tuition. (not likely, but worth a shot). Also, registering my cars here is hundreds of dollars cheaper than doing so in CA. Does anyone have experience in this department? Or has been there and doesn't suggest doing it? This is my first time moving out of state, so I'm a little unsure.
  4. I did almost the opposite! I wanted to leave my home state which meant leaving my single mom (I'm an only child) and my 6-year relationship boyfriend. I applied twice. My first cycle I got waitlisted at two schools in my home state and declined at 3 schools out of state. When I applied the second go around, I knew UAB was my top choice and one of the furthest schools. I ended up getting into UAB and USC. (USC is in my home state) I asked my boyfriend one last time before declining USC if the distance would be an issue. He told me to go wherever my heart desired. That choice was UAB...2100 miles away from where we share a home together. I like the adventure of going somewhere where I don't know anyone, but I didn't get to leave home for my undergrad so this was my chance! My boyfriend and I eloped a few weeks before I left, so we're married now. His job allows him to come out and see me often, so the distance for us won't be an issue. Plus I need someone to help me pay the bills ? Furthermore, that first semester you're going to need to focus and have the least amount of distractions. So distance works in our favor. I totally think its doable because its completely temporary. However, since you are married, if he isn't comfortable with that decision then you may need to reevaluate. Maybe he can apply for residency programs near where you will be going to school? What I've learned through the two cycles I applied is choose a school or go to a program that you truly want to go. Not only is PA school a financial strain, but you should attend a program where you believe in their mission and were you will become an incredible future provider. For me, USC was close to home and my husband, but I knew I would be miserable there. I didn't fit in at the interview nor do I have any ties to their mission statement. If you do decide not to attend this program you got into that could be a huge talking point in your mission statement/supplementals/interviews the next cycle you apply. Just a thought.
  5. Hi all, I recently eloped with my boyfriend of 6 years and I wasn't planning on changing my name until after PA school and when we have our church wedding. Does anyone recommend me changing my name now or waiting? I was under the impression its easier to keep your name the same until after the program. Keep in mind, I did buy a house and have other property under my current (unmarried) name. What is all of your advice?
  6. I may want to meet up, however, I maybe getting in late that night. If I am able to drive down earlier...I will let you know! Thanks!!
  7. I'm coming from Cali.. and have been looking for a house to rent. I'm looking for a 3-4 bedroom. Any good advice?
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