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  1. I have withdrawn my seat acceptance due to being accepted to my first choice school in my home state in IL. It was THE hardest decision I’ve ever had to make walking away from a school like Case. :( I hope my decision opens up a seat to one of you hopefuls who REALLY wants it! Best of luck! :)
  2. My application was held for 6 months this cycle before i got invited for an interview and got accepted! I had already submitted a seat deposit for another program and was planning on moving--thats how long they made me wait lol. I say anything is possible. I believe if you applied on time and meet the criteria for competitiveness, you have a shot. I definitely believe at this point in the cycle, they would've just rejected you if you didn't have a good chance. I was placed on an interview waitlist last year the first time i applied and nothing came of it--got rejected in january. But
  3. I don't recall the exact number that Director Statler stated, but i believe that there was aproximately 30-something seats filled?
  4. They encourage students who did not get an offer of acceptance after interviewing to reach out for feedback as they are happy to give it. I encourage you to do that and please don’t give up! Use this as a chance to improve and blow them away next time!
  5. Omg Hey!!!!! It’s me the one who sat next to you during interviews and helped you get the earlier spot! Lol congrats I got accepted too!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!! :-)
  6. I’m speechless! I too received an email notifying me of my Acceptance from the 11/17 Interview!!!! However this one and another program I was accepted to were my top choices so I may or may not accept the offer! So excited!!!!
  7. Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you! Finally! I see that you’ve been in somewhat of a constant state of worry these past few months often seeing your posts on the forum so let me say I am SUPER relieved and happy FOR you!! You earned it :)
  8. Keep checking back though! When I got my interview invite and went to sign up, the only day available was Jan 12th. But then a few days later I randomly checked the dates again at like 3am and suddenly November 17th was available so I switched and will be there this Friday! Got real lucky but I think people are canceling and accepting other offers here and there. Keep checking back!
  9. I saw on a posted sign when I interviewed that Last year they only had 75 interviews, and they accepted 38 students! So if interviewed, you have a 51% shot at acceptance! Don’t get too anxious, a lot of offers will be turned down for other schools too. good luck!
  10. Hey guys! Just wanted to give a ray of hope for those still waiting or with lower GPAs !!! I just received an interview invite for january 12th (afternoon) session. It gave me options to choose nov, dec, jan, however the only available dates shown when i clicked nov, was jan 12th. I wonder if this is a glitch? CASPA verified 5/30, "continued consideration" list on 6/20, interview invite today 11/9. My numeric stats are not all that stellar but i have a significant upward trend in grades 3.26 cGPA 3.3 sGPA. Significant community service domestic and abroad, 1.5 years
  11. I got accepted today, however, I have already committed to my first choice program :) Therefore, I reluctantly declined the offer a few minutes ago. I really hope it goes to someone who’s dying to have it! Congrats everyone! And good luck to the hopefuls :-)
  12. To accepted students... I’m looking for 1+ other people to have as room mates in Cleveland. I’m up for either an apartment with someone else or even a larger house to rent with multiple roomies! If anyone is interested please let me know via private message! id like to start hunting for places by the spring!
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