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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had any success applying to USPHS with pre-existing medical conditions? The USPHS's latest (as of August, 2015) list of disqualifying conditions does NOT list the big culprits for many denials I have heard from the military, namely: ASTHMA and DEPRESSION/MENTAL ILLNESS. Has anyone applied and been accepted to USPHS with either of these conditions recently? Thanks for your reply! Here is the list I am referencing: https://www.usphs.gov/docs/pdfs/apply/Partial List of Disqualifying Medical Conditions (Aug. 2015).pdf
  2. Congrats to all, and best of luck to all still waiting, hoping to see any/all of you soon! Hoping to get in touch with people outside here! "UND PA Class of 2019" on FB.
  3. Just got the good news. I'm in as well!!!!! Congrats to all who heard, and good luck to those waiting :)
  4. Keeping an eye on the mailbox/inbox. Here's hoping for some good news this week for all!
  5. Yea, me too. I was keeping my eye on last year's thread, hence my impatience this week hahaha. Good luck to you (and all of us!)
  6. TC2012, any word yet from UND on the timeline? I'm still way to nervous to call or email hahaha!
  7. Thanks for the info! Was it the certified letter you got on 12/18 last year? Any email before that? I can't remember what they told us during the interview whether it would be mail or email, or both.
  8. So far radio silence...but I saw on last year's forum people were finding out acceptances this week last year...
  9. Anyone heard anything from UND regarding information on the upcoming interviews? Also, anyone else interviewing on 10/24?
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