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  1. Would anyone know the competitive stats for successful applicants?
  2. Actually, when I submitted my supplemental I got an email that stated: Should you wish to add items to your file, you may do so by emailing them to Ms. Naisha Bible. What does this mean? I have been getting more PCE/HCE since submitting my CASPA app. Should I email Naisha that I've received more hours?
  3. Has anyone heard any news? I submitted my supplemental and everything a few weeks ago.
  4. I got the supplemental in late July and submitted it August 3rd. What can I do?
  5. Apparently they used to have a lot of professors that didn't make adjustments for student life outside of school. Basically, people couldn't even get a day off for a relatives wedding/funeral, birthdays, special events, etc. They have some new faculty that's more understanding of their student's life circumstances and they work with them on how to make deadlines and still have lives.
  6. I haven't received any news after submitting my supplemental. I was emailed that my application was being reviewed and I would be notified when a decision was made. Should I give them a call or email to check my status?
  7. Recently submitted my supplemental. I got some advice from a Touro alumni, they've made some changes to their administration recently so this school is one of my favorites right now.
  8. Just received the supplemental application. Does the 500-word limit apply to all the supplemental questions total or 500 words for each question?
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