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  1. Anxiously waiting to hear back and trying to stay distracted. Western University is my top choice school. I got waitlisted last year. I'm hoping I did enough to improve my application and interview skills for this cycle. The wait is killing me.
  2. Good luck for tomorrow guys! I interviewed in February and I had a very positive experience. The staff was very friendly so you guys have nothing to worry about.
  3. Hello guys, I interview 2/10/2018 and haven't heard anything back yet. Can someone tell me if students still are still being admitted and when we will expect to hear back?
  4. Anyone arriving tomorrow (feb 9) for the feb 10 interview? Let me know if you interested in meeting up for brunch on Feb 9th in SF. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  5. Nope, I interviewed 1/27/18 and have heard nothing yet :(. Just trying to stay positive and trusting in my journey and timing. Congratulations to everyone that has gotten accepted.
  6. hi marissa, hope you doing well. i think i lost your number , text me your number at 9095616183 :). I would love to stay in touch.
  7. I havent heard anything yet. I hear back from davis, usc, and western. Nothing from Loma Linda yet.
  8. Still havent heard anything yet. I interviewed the sept 17th. Anyone else in group B, so far everyone from group b that i talked hasn't heard back. Maybe they are calling in group order???
  9. Hi guys, can you please inform me where we will be meeting october 4th, my flight lands at 6:30 but will try my best to make it. Also can you guys please provide me with more details on the interview day. Other than the 2 minute speech how will we be evaluated. Is it based on the group activities. Lastly, can you please give me an example of the what the activities are like. Thank you so much for any help you can provide. Look forward to meeting everyone :D
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