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  1. Hi, current student, I was notified in September when I received my interview. We typically do interviews the first and second weekend in November
  2. Welcome to the incoming class! We are working on a Facebook page, we will be sending out the information probably next month some time. You should all receive an email with information on how to join. We also put together a PDF of places current students live and areas to look into and also just some basic info you may have questions on. If you have any other questions feel free to message me!
  3. Traffic typically wasn't too bad going away from the city, once I got past the city and closer to the school there was no traffic. I lived an hour South of the school in Illinois, I typically gave myself 2 hours to drive and usually was here within the hour and then just studied before class. The thing that stinks is there's really no alternative routes to take around Milwaukee. If you are looking for areas near there you can check out Shorewood, white fish bay and East village for north of Milwaukee
  4. Hi guys, I'm in the current PA class. In regards to housing, most of us live north of campus in the cedarburg or grafton area. I did commute from Illinois for the summer semester so living a little further south is doable if you really want. Just keep in mind to look out for the safety of the areas you are in the closet you get to the city.
  5. The school doesn't send anything out until after both days of interviews are conducted
  6. Hi! I'm a current concordia PA student. I brought my dad to the interview. It was about a third of the people in my interview session brought a parent/fiance/spouse.
  7. I had similar stats and I was accepted the last cycle. Don't give up and don't stress over people saying you won't get in.
  8. I received a rejection letter about 2 weeks after my interview. (Mid-December)
  9. I interviewed with OU last year. (Eventually rejected). They called me with the interview invite around the end of October and my interview was the end of November. I got my notification sent in the mail in January regarding the decision. Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone applying this year!
  10. I will be attending the interview on November 5th as well! Good luck to everyone!
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