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  1. Has anyone received a rejection from South yet? I applied early (september), and haven't heard anything other than when I updated my transcripts. Just wondering if they send rejection letters continuously, or only after all interviews are completed? Thanks for any info.
  2. Has anyone received a rejection from South yet? I applied early (september), and haven't heard anything other than when I updated my transcripts. Just wondering if they send rejection letters continuously, or only after all interviews are competed? Thanks for any info.
  3. That's what i figured, but I read that they sometimes conduct late interview sessions in rare cases. Whatever the scenario, I've got plan B and C! I'll definitely keep my head up, and continue in the pursuit of my goals no matter what. Congrats again to everyone, and good luck to those of you who've interviewed and are awaiting a decision. Although we may be competing for the same seats, we're all in this together! Cheers
  4. Congratulations to all you guys (and girls) who got accepted! Does anyone know if interviews are done, or is there another session? Since my ADCOM email, I haven't heard anything either way. I've been anticipating a rejection, and have considered everyday without the email a success. I've applied to a few other programs which interview post-holidays, and have a backup plan (additional sciences, retake gre over summer, additional volunteer work) just in case I don't get in a program this cycle. I'm just wondering where I stand with UF. Thanks in advance for any info!
  5. Congratulations on the interview! would you mind sharing your stats? To hear that interview invites are still being extended is encouraging, Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. @paadmissions, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that semester was my first attempt at college in 2005 and I withdrew due to a family emergency. After going to school for surgical technology, I went back to college for my associates and pre-reqs for pa and my bachelors. My cumulative from my second attempt is 3.76 and last 30 credits taken is like 3.9. I didn't address it in my letter, but hope to get the chance in interviews. I've got a backup plan if I can't get in this cycle (more pre-reqs to up GPA, volunteer hours, new personal statement) but hopefully it doesn't come down to that. For now I'm keeping my head up and staying busy! Thanks again for the feedback
  7. Congratulations on the interview! Would you mind sharing your stats? Thanks in advance!
  8. @WRUPAC56, I've considered it, but they require biochem and I wouldn't be able to take it in time. This will also be the first matriculating class in May, and I would prefer a more established program.
  9. Hello @ paadmissions, I have recently applied to several programs and, now that all I can do is wait, I'm starting to question how competitive my application is. Here is a brief rundown of my stats: Undergraduate Institution: The University of South Florida (I graduate may 17 with my B.S. in public health) Age at time of Application: 29 CASPA cGPA: 3.03 (Including a semester I withdrew and got 4 F's) USF UG GPA: 3.76 CASPA sGPA : 3.43 Pre req. GPA: 3.39 to 3.48 GRE: QR-144, VR-156, AWA- 4.0 HCE: 14,000+ hours as a surgical tech. and surgical first assistant Volunteer: 75 hours in CME courses and fundraisers LOR: 2 from surgeons I've worked with closely for 5+ years (One is the Director of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery) 1 from a PA-C I've also worked with for 3+ years Licences: CST and BLS/CPR/AED certifications Awards: Dean's list 2 semesters I applied to 9 programs several months before final deadlines, and I've received confirmation emails and invitations for supplemental applications from all but 1 (I've read its normal for that program). Other than that, I haven't received any invitations to interview or rejection letters (thankfully). I'm trying my best to be patient, but I'm finding it to be quite difficult. I know my GRE score on the QR section isn't great, and I'm worried about the 4 F's that dropped what would have been a 3.76+ to a 3.03 after CASPA calculation. Although, I still meet the minimum requirements for the programs I've applied for. My question is; as an admissions faculty member, would you overlook one bad semester and its impact on my cumulative GPA because of my extensive HCE, upward trends in GPA, strong LOR, science GPA, and life experience? I know you must be extremely busy this time of year, and any input, advice, or insight is GREATLY appreciated. Again, thank you in advance for any help.
  10. Undergrad Ed School: University of South Florida, B.S. Public Health Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.03 (USF GPA 3.76) Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.43 Graduate Ed School: N/A Age at application time: 29 1st GRE: 144Q, 156V, 4.0 AWA Letters of Recommendation: All 3 have closely supervised me in clinical setting (Surgery) - M.D.- Director of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery - M.D.- Head of Orthopedic Surgery (different facility) - PA-C- Sports medicine and Orthopedic Surgery Direct Patient Care: 14,000+ hours as a surgical technologist and first assistant HCE: 3000+ hours patient transport and sterile processing Honors: Dean’s list x2 Licenses: CST Certification, CPR/BLS/AED Certification Volunteer: 100 hours in CME courses and fundraisers Schools Applied: 8- Franklin Pierce University, South College, Southern Illinois University, Southern California University of Health Sciences, Stanford University, Thomas Jefferson University, West Liberty University, University of Florida Schools Received Application Date: 8/29 – 9/22 Interview Invites: Pending Denied: None Yet Waitlisted: Accepted: My cumulative undergrad GPA when calculated by CASPA is a 3.03 because of my first attempt at college in 2005 when I dropped 4 classes. My USF GPA is a 3.76 and CASPA science GPA is 3.43, with upward trends in the last 3 semesters. Hopefully admissions committees will be understanding of this, and weigh my HCE, LOR, and life experience which I've worked really hard for.
  11. Sorry about that, I can't figure out how to delete it.
  12. Undergrad Ed School: University of South Florida, B.S. in Public Health CASPA cGPA: 3.01 (calculated low bc of 1 bad semester, USF GPA is 3.7) CASPA sGPA: 3.43 Age at application time: 29 GRE: Quantitative - 144, Verbal - 156, W - 4.0 Direct Patient Care: (type & hours). Hands on as a surgical tech/ first assistant: 15,000+ Shadowing: none, but have worked closely with PAs for 5+ years LOR's (3): Two orthopedic surgeons who have directly supervised me in clinical setting One PA who worked with me in a clinical setting Extracurricular/Research Activities: Dean’s list 2x CME courses Schools Applied: 8 - Franklin Peirce University, UF, South College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, Stanford University, Southern Illinois University, Thomas Jefferson University, and West Liberty University Application Submitted Date: 8/28 Verified Date: 9/1 Interview Invites: Denied: Withdrew Application: Waitlisted: Accepted: Attending: Attempts: 1st I know my cGPA is low, but hopefully my sGPA will help to explain that. I have upward trends in GPA Jr and Sr years, and hopefully that combined with my large amounts of HCE and strong LORs will give me a fighting chance. I will post updates as I hear back.
  13. Thanks, that's good to know. Looks like I have quite a while before I hear anything at all. Waiting really is the hardest part!
  14. Yeah, I didn't see that one. Hopefully we get our interview invites soon!
  15. Hey everyone, I didn't see a forum on this program so I decided to start one. The October 1st deadline is approaching, and I was curious if anyone has heard anything yet. I'll be sure to let you know if I do! Good luck to everyone!
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