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  1. @ckess37 thank you for that info! Maybe I will just stay an extra night and leave 1st thing in the morning!
  2. Does anyone know about how long the interview day lasts? I have an interview on 8/24/18 at 11am. I wanted to book my flight back home the same day, I'm not sure if a 4:30pm flight would be cutting it too close?
  3. I was accepted! I recieved an email yesterday around 4:30pm! This is still surreal to me!
  4. Yes, they emailed me a week later. I was informed that the interview will begin at 8am and will consist of three different interviews with faculty.
  5. I received an interview invite for 6/27/18! I haven't heard anything back from them about details of the interview, very excited to find out what it entails. Are there any current students who interviewed last year, that can shed some light from their experience?
  6. I received a rejection letter last night as well. Good luck to everyone else during this waiting period!
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