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  1. This is late in the game - but in case anyone else stumbles upon this with the same question: Well, why do you actually want to be a PA? Has anything happened to you in your personal life or at work that has made you want to be a PA? What do you think makes you a unique applicant or how do you think you will contribute uniquely to the profession? Basically, what do you have to offer and what do you care about? A lot of people definitely write about a significant patient encounter, and that's what I was advised to do as well. I also was advised to kind of pick a theme and stick to it. Rather than choosing a patient encounter and talking about that and then jumping around to unrelated personal anecdotes and academic experiences, try to relate everything back to one common topic or theme. It makes it easier to read and seems less like your throwing in every possible thing you think they want to hear. Overall, be sincere and think about why you think you're a good candidate! Good luck!
  2. I'm pretty sure I became a student member of AAPA but never initially opted in or anything for JAAPA. But I get it every month!
  3. Hi! Just to confirm - yes, anatomy is with PTs and CRNAs. So is physiology. Biochem is also with CRNAs. Basic sciences tend to be with other programs, whereas clinical classes tend to be PA-specific.
  4. Be yourself, make friends with the people at the interview (interviewees and current students), and be confident. Also just be prepared for a long day! It's fun though.
  5. I went to Ecuador through Medlife. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it. We got to be very hands on (assisting with pap smears, wound care, etc.) and the doctors were very willing to teach during each patient encounter as far as histories and differentials. I have some PA friends who have done Global Medical Brigades too and have nothing but amazing things to say about it. It can be a really good way to gain an appreciation for the importance of primary care and accessibility.
  6. I can't say from personal experience, but I have definitely heard that finding phlebotomy jobs can be difficult. It's hard to say though because I am not from your area. Have you considered possibly getting certified as an EMT-B? It's good experience, the course can be completed pretty quickly if you find the right one, and usually you can get about 18-36 hours a week while going to school full time if you are dedicated.
  7. smith4

    HCE and PCE

    How hands-on was your experience with patients? In general, you should choose one category for each experience and not put the same experience in multiple categories. If you were hands on with patients for the majority of your work day, I would put it in PCE. If it was more behind the scenes lab work, I would put it in HCE.
  8. Is this a new CASPA requirement? When I applied it was basically honor system and we just had to provide the contact information of our supervisors in case they wanted to double check it. I would just follow exactly what CASPA's instructions are. There's no need to make it long if all they need is verification.
  9. I know some schools require you to have a diploma at the time of application - this did not affect me but a couple of my current classmates were limited in the number of schools they could apply to. Just make sure you understand the requirements clearly so you don't miss out on any schools, and don't let it discourage you. Like I said, several of my classmates are right out of undergrad. I would also try to widen your scope a bit if you are willing. I know there may be a lot of reasons to stay in one area, but there may be schools that you are very well-matched with that are outside of your current area.
  10. I can't speak for android tablets but I have an ipad pro and it has been really great, especially for anatomy. I take notes using a stylus on the notability app, so I can draw directly on the slides. I also have a really good anatomy app (complete anatomy) that I know is available for iOS but I am not sure if it would be available for androids. That being said, a bunch of my classmates have samsung and other tablets and seem to really like them. Tablets are really expensive, so if you are not extremely picky about the user interface, I would get something cheaper than an iPad. I just like it because I will be able to access my documents on my iphone for rotations.
  11. Try not to copy and paste. It makes it look like you didn't get a lot out of what should be two very different experiences. Try to highlight the differences in any way you can.
  12. I carried a nice tote with my portfolio inside it. Most ladies did the same thing, and pretty much all of us had purses of some sort. I never used my resume or transcripts in any interview, but I would still play it safe and bring it just in case. I don't think a purse is unprofessional as long as it is on the nicer side.
  13. My school is having us get equipment for our physical diagnosis classes coming up (and rotations later on) and I need some insight into what the best option is. We have to choose from a few different packages instead of buying stuff separately. Pack 1 has a 3.5V diagnostic otoscope and a 3.5V standard ophthalmoscope. Pack 2 has a 3.5V diagnostic set with a coaxial ophthalmoscope and a macroview otoscope. There is a huge price differential and they seem to be telling us that if we are unsure we should get the 2nd, more expensive option. I have obviously never used an otoscope or ophthalmoscope before, but I have heard that the first option is entirely sufficient. Can anyone who has experience with any of these give me some insight into the differences and which are preferred/sufficient?
  14. Undergrad Ed School: Highly-ranked large private university CASPA cGPA: 3.67 CASPA sGPA: 3.59 Age at application time : 22 GRE: Quantitative - 159, Verbal - 162, W - 4.0 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) EMT - 1150 at time of application; ongoing. Shadowing: 144 combined hrs: Pediatric Oncology MD & PAs; clinical trial RN. LOR's (3) Anatomy professor; Research supervisor; PA Extracurricular/Research Activities: Medical brigades, wellness advocacy, underserved non-healthcare volunteer work, public health research, leadership within major program. Schools Applied: 8 Application Submitted Date: August 2nd Verified Date: August 12th Interview Invites: Midwestern AZ, USC Denied: Pacific U, USC Withdrew Application: Charles Drew, Touro CA, California Baptist, MBKU (declined interview waitlist spot), Samuel Merritt Waitlisted: Accepted: Midwestern AZ Attending: Midwestern AZ! Attempts: 1st My process was slightly different than some people's because my top programs off the bat were MWU and USC. I interviewed and was accepted to MWU before I heard back from any other programs, which is why I withdrew from so many schools (didn't want to spend all that money traveling when I already had a really good option.)
  15. My accepted students checklist just went up and I interviewed on 9/23. Good luck to everyone still in the midst of applying! :)
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