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  1. Good luck to those waiting! Just wanted to share that final deposits are due next month for those already accepted, so if an accepted student decides to go elsewhere, it's possible a spot could open up. Just wanted to share some hope! Good luck!
  2. I took my name off the waitlist....hopefully there's good news for those of you still waiting!
  3. Yes. Interviewed and waitlisted in July. Got an email last week asking if I wanted to keep my spot on the waitlist.
  4. Yes....to confirm whether or not I wanted to stay on the waitlist.
  5. I recommend using a headset and test your connections ahead of time. Zoom allows you to test your speakers and mic ahead of time. Good luck!
  6. Good luck! I interviewed in July and have been waitlisted since then. The interviews are pretty conversational, so just be yourself.
  7. It's a Zoom meeting and they should provide you links to access it. Good luck!
  8. Hi! Does anyone have any insight into whether or not interviews are still going on and whether or not all seats have been filled?
  9. As the other poster mentioned, do not give up if this is what you really want. I don't know if you follow any PA Facebook groups, but there are people there who got in after FIVE cycles! Have you looked into schools that focus on the last 40-60 credits for your upward trend? Did you apply early this year?
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