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  1. I'd love to get some information as well! I begin rotations in September
  2. Affiliated Dermatology sometimes takes PA students for rotations I think. They have a few locations around Phoenix, including one in Scottsdale
  3. I turned down my seat because I was accepted to a program closer to home. I let them know about 2 weeks ago, so hopefully that opens a spot for someone!
  4. Has anyone who's been accepted received an email with information about the deposit and next steps? I haven't gotten one yet
  5. I interviewed on 10/13 and I received an acceptance call this morning! I'm so excited as this is my third cycle applying for PA school.
  6. I received my acceptance a few days ago! I interviewed on 9/27. This has been my third year applying to PA school so this is a big weight off my shoulders
  7. I'm going on the 13th and I'm not leaving til Saturday evening. Does anyone want to meet up for dinner after the interview? What is there to do?
  8. I submitted on June 20th and I still haven't heard anything :(
  9. GPA: 3.54 Science GPA: 3.39 HCE: 4,000+ (medical assistant for 2+ years, research assistant and volunteer in ER/Trauma, medical volunteer in Peru) GRE: 155 (Quant) and 151 (Verbal) Submitted: June 14th
  10. My interview was rescheduled from 9/12 to 9/27 because of the hurricane (as an Arizona girl this is new for me!) Anyways, is anyone else going to be there that day? Where are you all staying?
  11. Sorry I'm a little late responding to this, I was just on their website and it says interviews are September - February!
  12. I submitted my application on 6/18 and received the email on 6/21 that my application met the minimum requirements and is continuing through the screening process. I haven't heard anything yet though, should I be worried?
  13. Congratulations! When are you interviewing? Did they give you an option for multiple dates, or just one?
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