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  1. Undergrad Ed School: mid-sized public college (BA in International Relations) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.57 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.74 (Pretty sure this was heavily influenced by several classes I took in the two years before and during which I was applying to PA school. These were undergraduate-level courses, but I took them long after college.) Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) large private research university (MS in Nutrition) Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) 3.10 Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) 3.07 Age at application time : 30-31 1st GRE: Verbal 160, Quantitative 156, Analytical Writing 4.5 Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Clinical Dietitian x ~4 years, ~8500 hrs Shadowing: various PA specialities (pulm, ID, CT surg), ~40 hrs Extracurricular/Research Activities: Volunteer (Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, ~40 hrs) Schools Applied: MGH, Tufts, Anne Arundel, OHSU, Quinnipiac, Phila U (both campuses), BU, Duke, Emory, Campbell, Arcadia (Delaware), Campbell, Albany Medical College, Rosalind Franklin Application Submitted Date: CASPA submitted 7/3/16 Application Verified Date: 7/11/16 LoR: 1. Team lead at work (registered dietitian) 2. PA from work 3. PA from work 4. NP from work 5. Lab instructor who also happened to be a PA Interview Invites: Emory, MGH, Anne Arundel (declined interview), Duke Denied: Tufts, OHSU, Quinnipiac, Phila U, BU, Arcadia, Campbell, AMC, RF Waitlisted: MGH Accepted: Duke, Emory Attempts: 2 On my first attempt, I applied to six schools and got interview invites from exactly zero. It felt horrible, but after a week of feeling sorry for myself I doubled down on my efforts: I took two more classes, started volunteering, figured out how many shadowing hours I needed and made it happen, continued to rack up those HCE hours, and applied to more than twice as many schools the next go-around. When people asked me if I had a top choice, I told them, "Whichever school takes me," and by crikey I meant it. Getting into PA school is no joke! I hope my experience is encouraging to those of you facing the prospect of another attempt. You can do it!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm preparing for my first interview, and have heard that it's a good idea to bring copies of your transcripts. While I think this is a little silly (shouldn't these schools have all that information already?), I want to be prepared. My question is: do I bring sealed copies of transcripts, or will printouts (i.e., unofficial copies) suffice? Trying to save $ where possible, but certainly not at the expense of risking not getting in! Your 2 cents is appreciated, and good luck to all those interviewing this month!
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