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  1. Undergrad Ed School: mid-sized public college (BA in International Relations) Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.57 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.74 (Pretty sure this was heavily influenced by several classes I took in the two years before and during which I was applying to PA school. These were undergraduate-level courses, but I took them long after college.) Graduate Ed School: (if applicable) large private research university (MS in Nutrition) Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable) 3.10 Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable) 3.07 Age at application time : 30-31 1st GRE: Verbal 160, Quantitative 1
  2. Hi everyone, I'm preparing for my first interview, and have heard that it's a good idea to bring copies of your transcripts. While I think this is a little silly (shouldn't these schools have all that information already?), I want to be prepared. My question is: do I bring sealed copies of transcripts, or will printouts (i.e., unofficial copies) suffice? Trying to save $ where possible, but certainly not at the expense of risking not getting in! Your 2 cents is appreciated, and good luck to all those interviewing this month!
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