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  1. Hi all! I just wanted to say good luck to all of you interviewing this weekend!! Can't wait to meet the rest of my class :)
  2. greetingsfuturePA and akrenner0991, Congrats to both of you! It is such an awesome interview process. I honestly had a blast. Good luck to both of you :)
  3. Hi Yellek! When Dr. Young presented at my interview he said those that are put on the "Active List" will be re-evaluated after/during June interviews. At least that was my understanding. Maybe a current student would be able to give you more information, that was just how I interpreted it! Don't feel gutted! Keep your chin up, you were selected for an interview out of almost 1900 applicants that is something to be proud of :) Good luck to you!
  4. Congratsss laker1!!! I look forward to meeting you in January!
  5. akrenner0991, I am sure you will do great and thank you :) Good luck in June, easier said than done just be yourself and relax. Everyone will be nervous that is expected but don't let your nerves take you over. If you get a tough/thought provoking question, stop take a breath and then answer. You do not have to start talking right when they stop, I can think of 3 specific questions were I stopped for a minute to think about my answer before I spoke. I really think they appreciated that because then you come off as genuine and calm. :)
  6. Hi all! I too interviewed this past Friday March 3rd. I got an acceptance call Saturday March 4th as well!! So excited to meet my classmates! I did want to share my insight for the people interviewing in June! First try to relax, yes the process is long but I had so much fun! The students and faculty are so welcoming. The faculty really wants to get to know you as a person and see if you fit with the Clarkson program. Practice normal interview questions and really know why you want to be at Clarkson, not generally but specifically. What makes their program stand out to you and how will it help you be the PA you want to become. Be social and engage with everyone, be someone who they want at their program. Everyone will have awesome experience and be intelligent. What makes you unique and how can you contribute to their program! It was such an awesome experience and I was so happy to be apart of it, they made me feel welcome and at home. Good luck to everyone interviewing in June! So excited to meet the rest of my class!
  7. SoulPA13, I think its best to be honest and upfront, do not make excuses. Take responsibility for your past grades and turn it into a positive (I.e you are a more mature and driven individual). Make them see your motivation and reassure them it will not happen again (i.e use your post-bacc grades to support your newly accomplished abilities as a student). Have faith in your-self and the admissions committee will too. They have already looked past your grades by inviting you to an interview, they just want to see your maturity and ability to take responsibility in my opinion. I hope this helps:) Good luck on your interview!
  8. Hey! I submitted my supplemental app November 14th and got invited to an interview on December 29th for March 3rd. Good luck!
  9. I chose March 3rd as my interview date! Looking forward to meeting everyone! Does anyone know how their interviews are?
  10. I also was wondering the same thing. I got an email stating I was placed on hold a few weeks ago. Has anyone heard anything?
  11. Hello all! I submitted my secondary application last week and received confirmation it was being reviewed by the faculty! Congrats to all who already received interviews!
  12. Hey everyone! Has anyone been able to find the program philosophy and curriculum focus for the program? I can only find the mission and program goals on the brochure PDF. If anyone knows I would really appreciate it!
  13. Hi everyone! I have an interview scheduled october 11th! I am super excited to meet you all! I know there have been some posts about the interview being very laid back but are there any tips in preparing for the questions they do ask?
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