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  1. Good Luck for those who are interviewing tomorrow!
  2. Just FYI, I received my interview invite for 8/16/16 on 5/27/16. Good Luck!!
  3. Apply early, many schools, prepare for interview. :) Applied - 15 schools Rejected - 7 schools without interview invitation (mostly from the east coast schools, I live in CA) Interview invitation - 8 schools (I received 5 interview invitations in mid-September, which conflicted my work schedule and other interviews..Be prepared for any possible conflicts. Some programs offered me only one interview date) Interviewed 5 schools (2 acceptance, 2 waitlisted, 1 rejection) If you can, please do more community service such as soup kitchen. Let me know if you have any Qs. Extra tip : I applied for a Southwest credit card, used it for application fees, and enjoyed its sign-up bonus points for free flights during my interview trips. ;)
  4. interviewed on 8/16/16 and got on the wait list. Fortunately accepted to another program, but will see what happens. :)
  5. Received an interview invite on 9/13/16, but rescheduled it in November. Accepted to another program, but I like this program more.
  6. I cancelled my interview on 9/23/16 b/c I got accepted to another program. Hope someone can take my spot for tomorrow. Good luck :)
  7. Had an interview yesterday and got accepted :) Prickly Pear yoo hoo
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