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  1. I think it will be around the 26th.
  2. Sorry, I meant anything not anytime.
  3. Has anyone heard anytime yet?
  4. I applied for the NHSC scholarship. I been looking at old forums to figure out the timeline.
  5. I just got off the waitlist! Does anyone know if there is a fb page for class of 2019?
  6. Has anyone heard any new information?
  7. I heard they take about 10-15 people off the waitlist. I am unsure how many people have been taken off the waitlist so far.
  8. Has anyone on the waitlist heard back?
  9. I have no idea. It would be nice knowing where you are on the waitlist.
  10. Anyone receive an interview lately? I seen last year they had interviews in feb. I wonder if they plan on doing interviews till then this year.
  11. I believe the official letter won't be out until December. I assume they send out letter of intent and waitlist around the same time. After they hear back from everyone they will make the final decision and send out the official letter. I got waitlisted and the emailed asked if I wanted to be removed from the waitlist or stay on. They might still waitlist people if a lot of people get off the waitlist or decline attending.
  12. I wonder how many people are on the waitlist
  13. The email I got showed the last interviews were last week I'm unsure if they added anymore.
  14. Did you get an email first? Or just the letter?