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  1. Hey all! Just wanted to chime in! I know the wait for some of you has been agonizing! But be patient as ADCOM sorts through applications. You may always reach out to ADCOM. It's their responsibility to answer your questions regarding your application/ status; they're all super friendly! Just know that it's hectic and they'll get back to you as soon as they can! I was in all of your shoes waiting for an interview, so I know exactly how you feel. Just want to remind everyone that this forum is intended to be a positive community for professionals, current students, and prospective students! Let's keep it that way! ? Super excited to meet some of you at interviews! Best Wishes! -J
  2. There were 3 last year! Congrats to those who got an interview today! To those still waiting, be patient! I had to wait as well! See you at interviews ?
  3. Hi there! I know you're worried about your cumulative GPA, but EVMS really does a great job at evaluating applicants holistically! I would still apply! Your most recent GPA/ Pre-Req GPA is so great!! I would continue to work at bettering your GPA in the meantime and continue with your community service and patient contact experience! Good luck!
  4. Professor Grahame is not our current program director. But he does handle evaluations of applicants! Just an FYI to anyone who sends an email ?
  5. Sterling Heights/ Troy! I like it for the most part-- kinda like Detroit in some areas!
  6. Hey all! I'm currently a first year at EVMS! Just wanted to drop by and wish you all luck! I know the waiting process is agonizing... but please be patient! You guys will definitely hear back by the end of May/ early June for interviews in July. Relax, the hardest part was getting your application together and hitting submit. Interviews are a breeze, we all want to get to know YOU. Shout out to my Detroit peeps in the thread! Best wishes! -J
  7. You can put the month the course ended. I did that! I would call Rose at the main office and just be sure. Good luck!
  8. Hello all! I am attending another PA program, which means I have dropped my spot at MCPHS. I really hope this opens a spot for any of you who are going to be interviewing! Best wishes & DO NOT GIVE UP! :)
  9. Do you know if all sessions have been filled? Or if all invited have been extended? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. By chance, do you know how many interviews they will offer this year? Or how many different sessions they will be holding? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all! Would anyone who is starting the Worcester program this January 2018 be wiling to answer some of my questions? Please and thank you!
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