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  1. Sure feel free to direct message me! @torri -Best of luck!
  2. Congrats to those accepted!!! For those of you still waiting.. DON'T give up hope! Sometimes acceptances come fast and sometimes slow. Usually before the next interview they might send out calls (from past experience). Don't sweat it, you made it this far, only good things are waiting for you. Even if you don't get in this year, there is a big chance of getting acceptance next cycle (my experience!!). Goodluck to everyone!
  3. Hi pagrace18, I am not sure, they don't tell us the in and outs about the interviews. If SA is you first choice, I would write a letter letting Dr. Allen or the staff know that. I would also give the PA office a call and ask if they have sent out acceptances from the Oct. interview. From prior experience keep your ears open for possible acceptances before the next round or after the next round. If not they should hopefully get back to you before the end of the year. In my case I Interviewed in Sept and and heard back Oct. 19. Also keep your sight on the other program you might begin in Jan, don't let that fall through the cracks. Best wishes! Briezzy
  4. Congratulations to all who have been invited for an interview!! I know that feeling waiting and praying throughout the whole process! It took my second try to get in to this wonderful school! If you haven't been invited yet, don't lose hope, and if you don't hear back right away, be patient. I interviewed last year in Sept and didn't hear back till Mid Oct..! Best advice is to get a goodnight's sleep, relax at the interviews, and smile :-). I will be seeing some of you at the 10/1 interviews! You got this!
  5. Hi, I received a finalist email as well, just waiting to hear back before Sept. 30!! Goodluck yall!
  6. To all those wait listed this year, DON'T GIVE UP hope! I was wait listed "alternate list" last year, my first time applying. This cycle I was invited for the first interview in Sept., and I got my Acceptance call a few weeks later in Oct!! Hold on to the fact that they wanted you, but just didn't have enough room for so many amazing students. So definitely get your application in first thing next cycle....!!!! Best of luck everyone! :-)
  7. Just received my rejection as well. No interview. Blessed to be accepted elsewhere!!
  8. Hi Everyone, I applied back in June, yet I still haven't heard anything from this school?? I know there probably are others in the same boat... patiently waiting.
  9. Hey everyone, I gave up my interview invite for Nov. 28. I hope this opens up for those still waiting! Goodluck. I interviewed last year, and you will love their campus and program!
  10. I also received a nice rejection email! But I am grateful I had the opportunity to interview at my dream school. UTSW will always have my heart, and I am thankful that I will be still attending school elsewhere! For those of you still waiting to hear back, best wishes! To those that are waitlisted, never quit, come back swinging 2x as hard for next cycle! Congrats to everyone accepted! I know God has amazing things in store for all of us, just "wait" and see!!
  11. Received my rejection email also. However I did interview here last year, good program! Remember it only takes one acceptance! Good luck everyone!
  12. I gave up my interview for Nov. 3. Accepted elsewhere! Hopefully a spot opens for someone! I wish everyone the best! :-)
  13. Hi @rebsli17, I would recommend that you relax and let your personality shine through at the interview. Yes at my Sept. interview it was 10 stations, activity, plus tour. Try to not to be nervous, because UTHSCSA students and staff definitely makes it welcoming and a stress free process. They also served a good lunch, and make sure you take advantage of talking with the current students. Good luck and best wishes to all interviewing!!
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