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  1. Yes, both attempts were for the new PANCE. The main thing, as I emphasized in the OP, was my general lack of prep and review over the topics the first time around. Was there a particular one? Not necessarily as the PANCE is pretty "well spread" and isnt too heavily based on 1 topic over another.
  2. I was mainly in the 80-85 ranges for EOR and 140s for PACKRAT.
  3. Hello everyone! Now this is lengthy so beware Now I took the PANCE about 1 month coming out of graduating PA school. And I am here to confess I underestimated this taste greatly and overestimated myself as well. Before graduating my program gave us a quick run through of all the material that we covered to refresh our memories and draw out our weak points. Great system but I didn’t use it to it’s full potential and unfortunately took advantage of it and substituted it as my "studying month”. So instead of going through the material again on my own I decided only doing practice ques
  4. Omg, these were amazing, thank you! Exactly what I needed to see right now. :D I'm usually quite alright with my introversion as I said in college it never occurred to me that it was a problem. And in the years before that I was able to find people who understood me in one class or another. So it's never hit me as hard as it has now. With the same exact people in all of my classes/lunchtime/breaks/afterschool studying and for 4-5x a week, 8 or so hours a day, it's so draining. Plus everyone is very nice or at least act like they are lol so I really begin to feel awful as I'm just not
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm currently a PA student, class of 2018 and I feel as if my head is going off on tangents constantly so I wanted some perspective from you guys. Well first off, I'm an introvert and spent my gap year before entering PA school mainly staying at home and doing individual activities and loving it. I keep my friend circle small and sweet and they understand as well that I'm not a very big talker or texter. After entering school my schedule has been flipped and I am totally fine with it, I like learning and feel as if I'm getting into my mojo. However the social aspect of
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