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  1. Thank you this does help! Unfortunately the job ad didn't post the projected salary ranges, so having a range in support of the AAPA Salary report (and your reply) is helpful for the interview!
  2. So I have an upcoming interview for an ortho surgery position in my hometown in California. When I spoke on the phone with the prospective employer to briefly discuss the position and coordinate an interview date, the position got me thinking about salary negotiations. Unfortunately this is something my school did not go over, and I don't want to look like a fool and jeopardize my chances of getting hired by aiming too high or too low if they do discuss this with me during my interview. On the phone the prospective employer sounded interested in having me as I am a local applicant and can start immediately. Position is full time, 4 days a week (2 OR days, 2 clinic days) for 10 hour shifts. I have looked at the AAPA 2020 Salary Report, but it doesn't provide information for State, Specialty, and # of Years Experience, and those salary ranges vary widely when comparing everything between national and state averages. I feel silly just posting this as I feel like this is something I should be able to figure out, but I appreciate any advice or help.
  3. OP have you considered maybe a position working in public health? I have a friend who works for an early detection cancer screening program, and they help accumulate data to educate patients on the importance of self exam and screenings, as well as identify the barriers to healthcare. Most of it is focused on identifying how to improve health outcomes for patients and getting patients to go get screened. While its not quite like being a PA, it gives you an opportunity to use some of your PA knowledge, but not put you in a position where you'd feel like a bad PA making medical decisions. Instead you can do referral work (I am thinking like a public health nurse that's not working in clinical setting, but more administrative) or oversee clinical staff that work with population groups. This may be a route for you? And there are so many online 1 year MPH programs that don't break the bank that you could do. Also there are many avenues within public health that may allow you to blend some of your original interests in pursuing medicine from the start. Not sure, but this may be something to look into and just learn more about.
  4. Hey everyone! So I actually talked with them the other day. They said communications should be out sometime end of next week, or the week after. They are still reviewing applications, but official admissions decisions should be out mid-May, so interviews will be between the first week of May to mid-May most likely! Good luck to everyone applying! It sounds like its a small pool of applicants which is a good thing.
  5. Let's meet up the night before! I plan on coming in midday so I can make sure I know where I am going in the morning.
  6. I will be at the 11/8 interview! So excited and nervous at the same time!
  7. I just registered for the info session but its a little confusing as to which site it is at. The link here says Alhambra campus and the actual registration says La Verne campus, anyone else have this issue? I'm assuming its actually at the La Verne campus?
  8. I'm rather disappointed to have to find out most of this information on the forum and not in an email from the school and program staff to keep all accepted and waitlisted students in the loop.
  9. I only ask because my interview group was all ULV alumni, and I figured that they may want student opinion who already understand the ULV community and the need for healthcare providers for the LA and San Bernardino Counties.
  10. For any of you that were requested to write letters, are you ULV alumni?
  11. I spoke with the Dean today, and I asked him if they would continue to pursue the PA program by reapplying, and he sounded assured that they would want to adopt this program still. Also, I inquired about deferred admission status if the program were to become accredited next year (or even by January?), and he said that they have a meeting tomorrow regarding the accreditation status to find out what happened, and they will discuss this further. From what he explained, they can't guarantee a deferred admission until they find out what the issue with accreditation was. Such as, if there were problems with the admissions requirements or curriculum design (which may be dependent on admissions status-- are students prepared for what is anticipated? etc). The Dean mentioned that an email should be coming out this week or next week with further information for students that were accepted about what happened and what to expect from here on out. He also welcomed us to call him if we have additional questions. Fingers crossed for a successful appeal or deferred admission status for this program.
  12. Anyone think that if they apply again next year, and receive accreditation that they will grant seats to students who were accepted this year, in the case that we reapply?
  13. I just got a phone call and have been accepted off the alternate list!
  14. So I inquired about some information for the alternate list. This is part of the response I got: "An alternate has the potential of being selected into the class up to the week of class which is June 5. There is not a ranking system for alternates. You are in a general pool with the possibility of being called up at any moment once a seat opens up. We have selected 20 alternates for the pool."
  15. Does anyone know how many people they put on the alternate list? And if it is for sure different than the waitlist? Most schools do accepted, alternate, waitlist, and rejected. I was also placed as an alternate, so I am trying to get an idea of where I am on the list.
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