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  1. Hi Dylan, So there will be a Friday night optional meet and greet with us (the first year students). On Saturday it will be about a half day (from like 7:30-1 or 2 ish). Many people check out Portland after!
  2. Honestly, they don't send out rejection letters until the last minute. So if they are saying that your application is still under review, it doesn't necessarily mean they are having another interview. I'm sorry! They obviously can if they want to, but it's very unlikely! Good luck!
  3. Hi, I'm not sure exactly how many spots have been filled, but congrats on your interview! My advice is to not even think about the number of spots left. You got past one of the hardest steps by just getting the interview! Good luck!
  4. May 30th is the first day of orientation! Classes start June 1st! :)
  5. PAhopeful1616- I agree with milesHenson1 about being yourself! UNE really stresses this, and looks for students who will work well together. They also look for maturity in your answers. Don't be nervous! When they ask questions, make it as personable as possible. I think this is what helped me get in! Again, good luck!
  6. Maybe! I was curious to see if they were waiting until everyone from the September interview confirmed their spot. I guess we will all just wait and see!
  7. To those who have also been accepted, Have any of you heard about the Facebook page? I was curious to see if it had been made yet. I'm excited to get to know all of you!!
  8. Hello! It really all depends. Don't worry that you haven't heard back yet, there are still 3 interviews to go! Usually you can hear anywhere from a month to two weeks before the interview session if you have been invited. Last year I interviewed in November and got invited a month prior, and this time was a little sooner. Hope this helped. Good luck!!
  9. I too got my acceptance letter to UNE on Monday!! It's truly an honor! I can't wait to meet all of you who were also accepted! Good luck to the others who are waiting to hear, and all those who didn't get in. Keep trying!!! This was my second time applying, so don't give up!
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