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  1. For the CV, are you guys including non-healthcare employment? In the directions it says include "professional activities", so I'm wondering if we need to mention non healthcare employment. Thanks!
  2. I got accepted as well and received my call! I also interviewed on the 19th.
  3. I'm literally copying and pasting my personal statement and using it as my statement of purpose like they told us to do/we can do. However, I had to spend over an hour editing it to cut it down by 1,000 characters so it would fit the statement of purpose question.
  4. They said we can do that but if I do that then my essay is 1,000 characters over so I spent over an hour editing it just so it would fit into the statement of purpose question!
  5. Are you guys copying and pasting your personal statement for the statement of purpose question on the 2ndary application?
  6. Did they give you a tour of the campus and facilities? If so, how long did it last? What about the group activity and the writing assignment, how long were each one of those?
  7. What do you mean by "their interview style is a bit different"? Thanks!
  8. Yeah hopefully we receive our secondaries or rejection letters by tomorrow or Wednesday so we know what our status is as of now.
  9. What's the latest they'll email people about the November interviews? It's the 3rd and I still haven't heard if I'll be getting a rejection letter or invite for November 15th. I submitted my application on June 24th. Thanks.
  10. They told me through email that would it would be a group activity rather than a group interview. So you’re saying after the 3 One-on-one interviews you have another group interview, meaning you’re in a room with other potential students and giving answers in front of them or what do you mean by "group interview"?
  11. I submitted my application to them on June 24 and I still haven’t heard back about their decision. They told me my application is still under review which is pretty ridiculous at this point. Is anybody else in the same position as I am?
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