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  1. I was a health coach in a research study that focused on preventing heart attack and stroke. Therefore I had direct patient and research hours because I monitored cholesterol levels, blood pressure, nutrition and medication adherence. Thanks and hope this helps!
  2. Hey! I had about 4500 clinical hours as a medical assistant and 500 research clinical hours as a health coach. My major was B.S. Biology and my GPA was around a 3.7. I highly recommend working in primary care as I feel pretty prepared going into PA school with this background. Good luck!
  3. I made the group last weekend. Congrats on acceptance! I got accepted too with scholarship. I believe I just added you so ask any questions you have :)
  4. Hey there's a facebook group for accepted students class of 2019 where a few current students at UC Davis joined. It's called "UC Davis PA/NP Class of 2019" You should join the group for any questions you want asked. Hope this helps!
  5. Yes it's 27 months so we are the graduating class of 2019. Sorry about that!
  6. Hey Everyone! Congrats again on all of your hard work. I have been accepted as well and a first year PA-S at UC Davis advised me to make a closed Facebook group for all accepted students. I made it and I want to start adding everyone. I made the group public for now for students accepted to add themselves. The group is called "UC Davis PA/NP Class of 2019". Here is the link below if you end up needing it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/710129515829769/ Cannot wait to meet everyone!
  7. Hey everyone! I was told by a first year at UC Davis now to start a private facebook group. I'm currently snowboarding today or I would start it. I can start it tomorrow if everyone is ok to wait. If not someone should start a private FB group and post it on here so everyone accepted could be added. Congrats again everyone and cannot wait to meet you all!!
  8. It wasn't bad at all. About 30 minutes are so. Good luck!
  9. I interviewed on 12/2 and everyone was really friendly and relaxed. Just like the MBKU handout says there will be a group and individual inteview. They said we will not find out until February. Just be yourself and good luck everyone!
  10. Received an interview! Can anyone please provide more information about it? Anything would be most appreciated!
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