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  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask where you ended up going and why? Are you happy with what you decided? I'm in a similar situation having a hard time choosing between Seton Hall (a three year, more expensive program that is close to home in NJ) and Lock Haven (two years, cheaper and in PA) Thank you !
  2. I have been accepted to Seton Hall, Lock Haven, and Salus. I am having trouble deciding between the three programs. Seton Hall: Pro: High ranking, close to home (35 mins), rotations all close to home. Con: 33 months, high tuition, no national rotations, rotations concentrated in north jersey Lock Haven: Pro: Lower tuition, 24 months, farther away(3.5 hours), national rotations Cons: very rural area, ranking not as high, rotations may be very spread apart Salus: Seems to be a good option, however they seem to be working through changes which may or may not prove to be successful. Affordable and located in Philadelphia. Does anyone have any specific insight on these programs? Specifically about rotations.
  3. Congratulations !! Can I ask how long after your interview you heard back from the school?
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