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  1. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2021/01/27/governor-newsom-signs-executive-order-to-help-bolster-states-vaccination-efforts-1-27-21/ Looks like this would cover it, although PAs conveniently not directly listed in the actual document linked at the bottom, unlike some others...
  2. I was asked to volunteer at a local Covid vaccine distribution event as a provider to either administer the vaccine or monitor patients after receiving the vaccine. Does anyone have any experience regarding liability while doing this? It would be through the local health department, not the company that I work for.
  3. Get in touch with your LOR writers early. There is nothing worse than having your application ready to submit, but waiting for someone to submit their letter. And be aware of the programs you are applying too and their deadlines, give yourself some leeway.
  4. The one you'll perform best in. Biochem or cell bio would have the most relevance to PA school I would think.
  5. During my cycle I applied mid July and my interview invites spanned from August-May. It truly depends on the school, each goes by a different timeline. Go back on the school specific forums and read old threads to get a general sense of that schools process and when applicants heard back in subsequent years, it often doesn't change much. Good luck!
  6. Don't compare yourself to your fellow applicants. At this point you've been offered 3 interviews, so you can be confident that you're qualified and deserve to be there. But be humble. Genuine people are a breath of fresh air for interviewers and makes you more memorable. Also, based on your user name, try not to over due the caffeine the morning of. Alertness is great, jittery, not so much. Good luck!
  7. Its never great to highlight a weakness, however, there are instances where you can take a perceived weakness and use it in your favor. You could briefly mention what you believe is a weakness in your application on paper, but then spend the bulk of your answer explaining how you have already addressed this weakness and turned it from a negative to a positive. This strategy is risky, but gives you a platform to show self reflection and determination. You are also directly answering the question, while others might tip toe around it. In situations like this I truly believe a well thought out ea
  8. A few things I noticed other interviewees did during almost all of my interviews which I'm surprised happened so often: 1. When you shake an interviewers hand (or anyone), look them in the eye and smile. It shows confidence, and makes a good impression. 2. During the interview, don't look down while you answer. Look at your interviewer, and if there are multiple make it a point to look and speak to each one during your answer. 3. Please, never take out your phone during an interview. Even if you're just in a room with current students for a Q&A, don't do it. There's a good chance the
  9. I was pulled off the waitlist last week, but will be declining due to the quick turn around and acceptance at another program. Hope someone will get some good news soon!
  10. I'll stress what has already been said above. Be sure to leave plenty of time post interview to make it back to the airport pending any unforeseen delays. It's much better to sit at an airport for an extra few hours then to be in your interview looking at the clock worried about if you'll make your flight or not. You'll need to be as mentally engaged as you can during the interview process. Good luck!
  11. Could you get a LOR from a previous professor? If you're concerned about your gpa having someone who can attest to you're academic abilities would be beneficial.
  12. Yes you can add programs as you go. You can apply to schools with rolling admissions first or with earlier deadlines and then go back to add additional programs if you choose.
  13. You are not screwed, but it won't be a cake walk. I had similar stats and was accepted this cycle. I'd say GPA is average-below average. For GRE most schools look for something over 300, is the 156 for both verbal and quantitative? Make sure you do your research on what schools you align with and are actually willing to attend. Most importantly, have an excellent PS, it's what will show the adcom who you really are outside of your stats. Good luck! It can definitely be done!
  14. Does anyone know if we get a confirmation of our interview date after emailing Deborah? Should I just assume they received my email? I just want to make sure before I book a flight!
  15. Does anyone know how much the group interview weighs in comparison to the rest of our application? As in, if you killed the interview could that make up for weaknesses elsewhere in your application?
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