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  1. I did today. I was placed on the alternate list.
  2. I touched base last wednesday and this is what they told me: "we are still in the process of making our decisions and sending out offer letters. We should make our final decisions in the next few weeks and will notify you through the CASPA system." I'm crossing my fingers.
  3. I haven't heard anything either. I was in the first interview group.
  4. I talked to Kay as well yesterday and she said either way.. waitlist or rejection... we will get an email. Also, the waitlist hasn't been determined yet.
  5. Thanks for the update. Did she give any indication as if they are done with acceptance calls and just working on the waitlist now?
  6. Congratulations!! Did they say if your group was the last group to interview?
  7. That's great news. Did she say if they would use emails for acceptance letters or regular mail? It seems like they are using more email communication this year than previous years from what I've heard. Regardless, I've been checking both! ????
  8. I talked to Kay today and she said they are still not all the way through interviews or selections yet. So looks like there's still some time before everyone hears final info. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  9. That's awesome!!! So exciting!! Did you hear at all anything about how many spots had been filled so far ?
  10. Nate, Did they call our email you to offer you a seat in the program? So exciting!! Have you heard of anyone getting rejection letters yet?
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