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  1. Anyone interviewing this Saturday?
  2. Congrats!! Do you know how many spots they have left? I have my interview in May.
  3. I got the same email. Does anyone know how many spots are on the waitlist?
  4. I have an interview in May and I haven’t heard anything from them....
  5. Just got an email that I am on the waitlist. Does anyone have any idea of how many waitlisted students were accepted in the previous years??
  6. Does anyone know how many seats are left/have been filled?? I interviewed back in November and I’m still waiting to hear back... getting very anxious.
  7. I believe they are no longer planning on having the January ‘19 cohort (just the October cohort)... at the January 3rd interview they said that they wanted to make sure that they got started off on the right foot and such with the first cohort before they added another one so soon after.
  8. I got the same email as well. It said I was on “high-hold” until they get through some of the interviews..
  9. Still waiting to hear something back... does anyone know if they have sent out rejections yet?
  10. Has anyone else heard anything about invites? Anxiously waiting!!
  11. Does anyone know if they are still interviewing people? And how many seats they have filled?
  12. Just received an interview for May 19th!
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