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  1. I dont know. You can give them a call.
  2. Hi all, I sent the verification form to my schools financial aid office and they replied that their PA program does not participate in the program. Anybody and any experience with this situation?
  3. Congrats! Do you know how many people are on the waiting list?
  4. Anybody here was put on the waitlist for the Manhattan PA program?
  5. I got the same email and after a few weeks got an interview invite. I think it means that the admissions committee is actually reviewing your application. Good luck!
  6. Is Touro still accepting students to the Manhattan program, or it is full already?
  7. Hi, I was interviewed on the 29th and received the same email. Did not get accepted yet.
  8. I submitted my CASPA application on 7/6/2017.
  9. Got my interview invite at Manhattan for the 29th.
  10. You can call them at 866touro4U. They have advisors answering questions.
  11. Is Touro still sending interview invitations?
  12. Got the same email. Never give up! If there is a will, there is a way!
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