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  1. You need to look at private schools. Try and apply to 6-8 private schools. I suggest you look at Trevecca Nazarene in Nashville.
  2. Getting in on the first attempt is definitely the norm, but I thought it was interesting that some repeat applicants were being admitted. I know someone who was waitlisted two years ago but didn't even make the waitlist last year (after gaining more experience) so they decided to go to an accelerated nursing program.
  3. From what I understand, several of the accepted students are repeat applicants--one accepted applicant was successful on the second try and for another, the third try. Just thought that information was interesting...no guarantees, of course.
  4. It might be nice for LSUHSC-Shreveport and LSUHSC-New Orleans to each have their own forum. Currently their pages are combined, but they are hundreds of miles apart with different application cycles...Just a thought. LSUHSC-Shreveport: http://www.lsuhscshreveport.edu/departments/AlliedHealth/AHDepartments/PhysicianAssistant/index LSUHSC-New Orleans https://alliedhealth.lsuhsc.edu/pa/
  5. Thank you for your reply. I did hear that about the website but thought surely a program couldn't be on probation for only that reason. Seems strange!
  6. It may say they are authorized to take 10% but I don't believe they did this year in Shreveport. The majority are from in-state, public institutions. I glanced at their Facebook group page...
  7. Anyone know exactly why the program is on probation? There is mention of it on their website but it is vague.
  8. That is a REALLY high GRE score and you have good HCE which probably pushed you over the top. Is this your first time to apply?
  9. I read somewhere (and it's very hard to find) that their AVERAGE accepted GPA was 3.8, which is significantly higher than most programs (LSU New Orleans is 3.66). They now like to see a good bit of healthcare experience (especially if you don't have a super high GPA--like 3.9 or something like that). I don't think even 500-600 hours would be considered enough IF you had a GPA below 3.8. Just out of curiosity, I checked that website of the organization that accredits PA programs and it is not up to date. What are the reasons for the potential probation? Doesn't it have something to do with their very awful website?
  10. I am so sorry. That stinks more than my situation. I would really like to see a profile of an admitted student--maybe I will create a post for that. I think their ideal student has an extremely high GPA (higher average than most PA programs). As far as HCE, I think they like to see at least 1,000 but probably 2,000 is better. I don't know how they feel about the GRE. I'm sure the higher the better. I think grades seem to matter here ALOT more than most places. Apparently, this was a highly competitive year. I thought their interview system with the MMI setup was strange compared to the other place I interviewed. No way they could get to know a candidate using that system.
  11. That's so weird because I was told it's usually no more than 4. Just throwing that out there... Also, my friend's cousin, who was waitlisted last year, was outright rejected this year after acquiring even more health care experience. GO FIGURE.
  12. I was waitlisted as well! Was anyone actually admitted LOL? I wonder if all of us who were not admitted were put on a wait list! I guess we won't know where we are on the list or how many are on it. Ggrrrr....some schools give you that info.
  13. Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing your stats and whether or not this is your first time to apply? Would love to know how many HCE, GPA and GRE if you feel so inclined. Again congratulations and go celebrate!
  14. I haven't heard of any but probably most of us wouldn't have any way of knowing. I only hear about people that my friends know and we are all in-state. I think they usually accept about four out-of-state students, as I understand it.
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