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  1. Man, that stinks. Maybe there’s someway to explain to them that you really want the position, are excited about it, and have no intentions of leaving anytime soon. But with such a ridiculous non-compete, to sign is simply an unwise decision for any adult starting any job, regardless of field. Especially as a PA and especially coming right out of school. If you show them you’re willing to work with them for a compromise then , IMO, a good employer should show some willingness to work with you. If they’re cutthroat and unwilling to asisst you now, when they should be trying to impress you with t
  2. Yikes indeed. I recently had to turn down a position I was really excited about over a similar non-compete they were unwilling to budge on. It may not even be legal/enforceable. Most places have a “right to work” law that this might violate, which was likely the case in my scenario after reviewing my contract with a lawyer friend of mine. However, that’s not a headache I would want regardless. I would say it comes down to how they respond to you asking about it. In my scenario, they were unwilling to budge at all which is a big red flag to me saying they have or expect to have trouble keeping
  3. Job offer on the table for an oupt vein clinic. Great benefits, salary, hours, eventual leadership potential. Company has been around >14 yrs, growing. Eventual goal would be to be fairly independent (doing office-based procedures on my own). Procedure heavy type position. Anyone have experience with varicose vein radio frequency ablations, sclerotherapy for spider veins, or the phlebology specialty in general (not vascular surgery)? My biggest concern is that some of the docs in the practice are Board Certified in things such as ED or IM that are also "board certified" in phlebology (Ameri
  4. Thanks for the info! The full story is it's an employer I was applying for a job with that I ended up not going through with for some other reasons. The bonus per exam was way less than the minimum that you guys are recommending and they also made it sound like there was way less involved for an exam so maybe we weren't talking about the same thing; or talking about just the exam portion or something. Who knows... As always, I'm super thankful for the collective experience on these forums. HmTwoPA: I have no idea about going about getting those contracts, sorry. Maybe some of the
  5. Employer is setting up bonus/incentive program for doing VA disability exams. Urgent Care setting. I have experience with DOT physicals but know next to nothing about disability exams. Any of y'all have experience with those? What all do they entail ?
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. Got a couple of other options on the table. We'll see what happens.
  7. Thanks, that's what I'm thinking too. Their unwillingness to budge even a little also doesn't excite me. It's just that it legitimately sounds like a job I would really enjoy potentially for years to come, good hours, good atmosphere, challenge, perfect location, etc. Was all excited about it until they gave the actual offer details it took the wind out of the sails a bit. Thought about accepting and doing 3-6 months to prove my worth and then approach to re-negotiate with data and potentially other job offers and if they continue to not want offer anything better then peace out (have to give
  8. Looking for a thumbs up/down opinion on a recent offer I received. I'll try and keep it short. My wife and I are moving back to the Southeast soon, hence the job search. I'm 4 years out of PA school. Spent 2 years in urgent care, and last 2 in neurosurgery. And I'm very much the "work to live" type. Don't mind working hard, but cherish home/family time too, thus not staying in NSGY at a level 1 trauma center. Location: Urgent Care on steroids: basics + onsite XR, CT, MRI, U/S, full lab. Manage some occasional high acuity stuff (they've done chest tubes, mild sedation, intubate, etc.). (
  9. Hey, this is my first post! I've been in Urgent Care x2 years (poorly run and need to get out), moving on to surgical specialty. I loved my OR rotations and I enjoy doing procedures. I have two offers on the table for neurosurgery and having difficulty deciding which would be more enjoyable. They are very similar (including salary and travel) with a few big differences. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 1. Teaching Hospital. 0630-1500, M-F, no weekend or call. 17 days PTO, 10 holidays, 5 CME days PA's at teaching hospital mostly round and consult. Have to fight resident
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