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  1. I apologize! I meant to say "supplemental" application. I went to the Touro open house last night. It was so beneficial. The current students seemed very happy to be there and the faculty seems to really care about the success of students. I hope I get in (fingers crossed). They still have days available for interviews! Good luck everyone!
  2. I submitted on 8/17, application verified 8/18 and received supplementary on 8/28. Double check your junk mail because that's where mine was. Stay positive!!
  3. I was also starting to lose hope. Thank you Marina for the insight! We just have to stay positive and patient!
  4. I'm surprised to see no prior thread for this school. Even though this school has a provisional status It's my top school! I love how it has a holistic approach on health care. Has anyone heard about their application status?
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