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  1. If they are still interviewing in Jan, which they are, then that means your latter assumption is correct. I don't think they're interviewing for waitlist spots. Per current student classes start again on Jan 16th so faculty may still be on break.
  2. Doubt it. I just got a rejection today. I think the class is filled up.
  3. Applied July 31st, verfied Aug 18th, interview invite today.
  4. Interview as well for Nov 3rd Friday. Look forward to meeting everyone!
  5. Same here. Actually I received that "initial review" email twice. Word is that they are going to accept 80 students this year so they will hold more interviews, meaning they will likely need to start sooner this cycle. I would expect to hear from them soon!
  6. Thanks for this! This is the only email I received: "Dear Applicant: Thank you for your interest in the South University Physician Assistant program. While screening your application, we have noticed that you are missing an official GRE score. Unfortunately, until we receive this information we cannot fully review your application for admission. Please contact ETS and have your scores sent to us ASAP. The code for South University Tampa is 0454. Thank you, South University - Tampa Physician Assistant Program Admissions Committee" I'm assuming that since I verified through ETS that scores were sent that my application is under review. I have contacted PA program admissions via phone and email w/o response. Guess if I'm offered an interview then that will be when I hear from them! Good luck to you!
  7. Congrats to all of you who got accepted! Anyone of you willing to share your stats? Much appreciated!
  8. No idea on that. If they do actually interview 100, then I assume they will have at least 5 sessions of 20 or so in the morning and afternoon groups of interview days. Maybe they will have one more after Sept?
  9. They will send you an email with specifics but it is generally split up into a current student Q&A, campus tour and interview (MMI format). Really hard to prepare for this style, helps if you have had some clinical experience. Good luck!
  10. Was a blast interviewing here today, very impressed with this school! Good luck to all you guys in September. Hope to see some of you in the upcoming class in Jan!
  11. Wow that's too bad. You'd think they'd at least give you a day to call back! Did they tell you that they were definitely interviewing through October?
  12. Not here. I did mail the supplemental Tuesday. Thinking sometime next week they'll give us our interview times?
  13. I marked "yes" on all of those, so just left the boxes blank. I think that explanation is more for if you do have any underlying disability which would not allow you to be meet these standards. As it says "No otherwise qualified individual with a handicap will be automatically excluded from admission".
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