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  1. I interviewed on July 7th and haven't received anything. I'm hoping it's good news and will receive a call for acceptance! I fell in love with this program at the interview!
  2. I figured I would start a forum for this year. I just received my interview invitation via phone call and I can't wait. I'm coming from Maryland and hoping to see many others there!
  3. Does anyone know how many people are placed on the waitlist? I will call Monday, but would like to know my chances of getting in!
  4. I got the interview setup for November 30th. I believe that is the last interview date.
  5. That's weird. I received the supplemental app and after completing that, I got a call to schedule my interview on the 30th! Hope it helps.
  6. What day of the week were your interviews? I'm surprised they don't send all of the emails out at once.
  7. I thought that sending the transcripts to CASPA was enough. So, do we really have to send transcripts to Towson individually for this interview?
  8. I will be coming from Maryland for my interview on Sept. 14th at 11! Hope to see people there!
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