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  1. Thanks everyone! I decided to do the fellowship, and I’m extremely excited. Any advice on books/materials/podcasts to look into prior to starting in July?
  2. I am getting married in October, but no kids yet. Won’t have to relocate, but will increase my current 15 minute commute to about 45 minutes. I can reapply next year, but no guarantee of getting in.
  3. I am a new grad as of December. I was an EMT before school and my favorite rotation was ER. I ultimately want to work in the ER, but none of my local ERs will hire new grads. I applied to a local competitive ER fellowship that only takes 3 PA fellows per year, but after interviewing I was originally told I did not get accepted. Since then I accepted a UC job with the intentions of working there for a year to gain experience and then apply to ER jobs/fellowships again next year. I have been working at the UC job for 4 weeks now, but yesterday I got an email from the ER fellowship saying they had a spot open up and they would like to offer it to me. The fellowship starts July 1st. Do I leave my current position to do the fellowship, or tell them I accepted another job after the original rejection and try again next year? Will leaving this early look bad on a resumé? If I do leave for the fellowship should I talk to the UC about it now, or keep working until closer to when the fellowship starts? I'm still in the 90 day probationary period so I don't want them to just let me go if I bring up the fellowship because I really need the income. After the probationary period, I have to give a 90 day notice before leaving. Probation period is over toward the end of April, which wouldn't leave 90 days before the fellowship started. Thanks for the advice in advance!
  4. Yes, it is still available. Message me if you are interested.
  5. Found out today that I passed the PANCE!! Rosh Review was very helpful and my subscription is good through June 12, 2020. $100 or best offer.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, it's a tough call. I'm from Virginia, about 30-40 minutes from EVMS, so I've known about the program for a long time.
  7. Hey everyone! I have been accepted to another program, but EVMS is my top choice. Does anyone know if they will let me know the details of me review status? For example, if I called them would they be able to tell me if I my application has been reviewed yet or not, and if I will or won't be getting an interview? I really need to make a decision on this other program, but don't want to give up on EVMS prematurely. Thanks for the help.
  8. I'm from the Hampton Roads area, about 40 minutes from EVMS. I submitted the CASPA in July and supplemental in December. Good luck everyone! I'm excited to hear back.
  9. I got my letter in late September, and I paid my deposit online in early October, but haven't received any additional information about my payment being received or what the next steps are.
  10. You will get a letter in the mail that will have the due date for the deposit, or you can call the program and they will tell you. Mine was two weeks after I got accepted.
  11. I am currently a senior finishing my BS in Health Sciences. I'm super excited to have been accepted on my first time applying, especially since a lot of people don't get accepted right out of undergrad. I have been an EMT for about 2 years along with some clinical volunteer work. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
  12. I interviewed on 9/16, got an email on 9/26 stating that my name had been "forwarded to The Graduate School at JMU with the recommendation of acceptance," my status on MyMadison changed from "complete" to "admitted" yesterday, and official acceptance letters were sent out today according to the graduate school. So excited to be accepted, good luck to everyone else!
  13. No, they don't start reviewing applications until March.
  14. Got the phone call for an interview this morning!! I will be there on 11/4, good luck everyone!
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