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  1. Shifts are 10 hours. I'm not sure about OT or charting - could this make a big impact on overall pay? I'm new to this. As far as benefits, PTO is 22/days per year with 7 paid holidays and 5 paid CME days. To be clear, this isn't an official offer (hence the lack of full info), but this is the info I was given when I asked for details about salary.
  2. I was recently given an offer for an entry level (new grad) hospitalist position that would be $70,000 annual and would go up to $100,000 after 1-2 years. Am I wrong to feel shocked by this? It seems super low even for a new grad with no experience. I have reviewed the most recent AAPA salary report. The position is 4 shifts a week and then a 5th shift covering admissions is added on during your 1st year.
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