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  1. Hey guys just curious what are your stats? I dont think my science gpa is that great
  2. I tried looking for the email of Jennifer Christie and couldnt find anything, can you please send me a link on touro where her email can be found? or possibly if you can just send me the email address?
  3. Hey guys I applied for the bayshore 2017 august cycle and kind of late, I got all my recommendation letters, personal letter, etc verified all I was waiting for was my updated transcript from one of the colleges I attended because I had taken a winter history course for one of the required pre-reqs and I wanted it all to fall into place. So feb 1st is when I submitted my application and feb 7th is when I got an email from touro saying they have to conduct a review and evaluation of my application. Did I apply late in the sense that they are very few spots open because they already sent out acceptance and interview letters? I really dont understand. Also what were all of your stats and experiences? Just to gauge where I stand :(
  4. How long ago did you send all the required documents to CASPA? Because I have called touro and they told me basically it is too late :(
  5. Hello, I just found out about the tour college winthrop branch and that the application deadline is oct 1st with the program starting January. My question is if I send in all my paper work right now (transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.) will I still have a shot? I called caspa along with tour and they said there is a high chance I won't make the deadline because they require you to send in all the paperwork 4 weeks before the application deadline so it can be verified. Has anyone submitted their application this late? I would've sent it much earlier but I had no idea about touro college. Please help!
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