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  1. I know I’m bumping an old thread here, but this is exactly what I was looking for. I work in spine and see 16-18pts. May not sound like a lot but spine patients are rarely straightforward. I also only make about $42/hr with 2 yrs experience. Needless to say I’m looking for other opportunities.
  2. EDIT: I just deleted what I had posted because it was inflammatory and not productive. I want to keep this on the topic of providing resources to women and children who could benefit from them. No one is trying to demonize people who need formula. But it's ridiculous to suggest that we shouldn't be simultaneously making formula available while also making a concerted effort to promote the myriad health benefits of breastfeeding.
  3. Fox News =/= NYT in veracity of reporting. Not by a long shot. You can't put the two on a fulcrum and act like they are equal counterbalances. And let's not lose sight of the OP. I have no problem with the US contributing funding to ANY education program that could help improve the lives of women and children in developing nations.
  4. Go. For. The. Cheapest. I went to a state school and work with 2 PAs who went private. We were all equally prepared and nobody cares where you went. I have a tiny fraction of their loans.
  5. It's reassuring to know other people ran into similar issues. Thanks for sharing your experience; It sounds like I'm not actually missing out on anything.
  6. They actively conveyed it differently. When they said the primary care was being moved to an annual start they told me I could still be considered for UC at the original start date. However, even though they gave no explanation about what actually happened, they didn't say that UC was being transitioned to the same annual start as the rest of primary care. They simply said that UC had declined all the people who had initially applied for primary care. So it's unclear if they actually are treating it as primary care or something else.
  7. Definitely frustrating to feel strung along for several months and essentially be told the thing you applied for no longer exists and the alternative option they gave also doesn't really exist. You're right, though. I can't paint the whole organization in a negative light. It seems to me that they tried to expand their fellowship program way too rapidly and were unable to manage it properly.
  8. I like the idea of going through the forms with the patient so they don't feel like they were completed in vain. I'll certainly download the AAFP documents as well to see if they have anything I'm missing. The basic exam is no problem. I just want to make sure the patients feel like they're getting the most possible out of their yearly exams.
  9. I had a disappointingly negative experience applying to this fellowship. Applied for the Spring 2016 outpatient internal medicine cohort. I was told to expect to hear by mid October if I would be receiving an interview in early November. In late October I was told that they suddenly decided not to enroll any primary care cohort for Spring 2016 but would allow me to be considered for another fellowship track, so I chose urgent care. There was no communication on their end until this week (2nd week of November) when I finally received an email simply stating, again, that they would not enroll any primary care fellows this spring. I emailed back stating that I had already asked to be considered for the urgent care position. I was promptly told that, in fact, urgent care would not accept my application and that if I wanted a fellowship I would have to apply again next year. The entire process left me with an overwhelmingly negative view of Carolinas Healthcare System. I am including excerpts of emails to illustrate how poorly executed the process was: So, my experience went like this: Applied in mid August for outpatient Internal Medicine. Required lengthy application with personal statements, original transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. Aug 30th received confirmation that my application had been received. No communication until October 21st when they stated: "We have just been notified that we will only be accepting Primary Care Fellows once a year starting in 2017. October 2017 will be the yearly start date for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. If you would like to choose a different specialty so that you may be eligible for the April 2017 cohort-please respond back to this email with that certain specialty – no later than Monday, 10/24 noon. " I replied on October 21st and asked to be considered for the urgent care fellowship. No communication until November 10th when they stated: "We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have moved our Primary Care tracks to an annual start date. This meaning we will only accept applications/Fellows for the October start dates! If you would like for us to hold your application and move it to the upcoming cycle, please let us know. We look forward to reviewing your applications in the Spring(deadline April 1, 2017) for the Fall 2017 ACP Fellowship Cohort. Please let me know if you have any questions." I replied and asked what was the status of my urgent care application and was told: "Urgent Care declined all Primary Care requests. Would you like me to carry your application over to next cycle?" At that point, I declined to continue with the process.
  10. In my clinical rotations I've seen about a 100 different ways to conduct an annual well-person exam. Some good, some bad, mostly somewhere in between. Are there any tips or tricks or special things that you do during an annual exam to make the patient feel like they are really getting a good visit? Any simple things (generally applicable advice, certain physical exam features, etc.) that you've picked up over the years that patients really appreciate? If you have a standard well exam that you've honed over the years I would love to hear the structure of it and see what elements I may be missing or simple things I could add to make it more valuable for the patient. Thanks!
  11. Interesting. How did you end up settling on the position you accepted? Was there a major factor or just the overall impression?
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'm a little skeptical of the "Apply" buttons as I haven't gotten much of a response from a lot of them. Trying to switch it up and do more digging to find hiring managers to whom I can apply directly.
  13. Sounds pretty perfect. What is it that makes your current job so good?
  14. I will be graduating in December and have started sending out some applications. I am curious to know how many applications other near-new or new grads have been sending out and what kind of response rate they've been getting. I would also be really interested to hear how many interviews people went on before finding the right fit for their first job. Just trying to get a sense of what is normal when looking for a first job. Thanks!
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