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  1. @pastudent2 She said, "We will be contacting PACA applicants within the next 2 weeks with a final decision for this year's CASPA cylce". So i'm not quite sure. I feel like it'd be weird if we didn't have to interview
  2. Received an email from the Admissions Coordinator on 02/26/18 that conditional acceptance student should receive a decision within two weeks
  3. @Cpat94 @pmg93 I haven't heard much yet! I did call them last week and they said they are just starting to get to the conditional applicants, so hopefully we find something out soon! @IUgrad Sorry for the delay: Overall CASPA: 2.94 Overall science: 2.74 GRE: 305 Health care hours: 2500+ EMT-Basic license, medical assistant/Mohs technician, and one current publication. I'm from New Hampshire and I went to their information session in October. I definitely like how Trine is open to students that don't have the best numbers, but have the drive and passion for this field. I think a holistic approach is important!
  4. @tlog just got my rejection email a few minutes ago
  5. @pmg93 The only thing I know is from the email, so "sometime between November and January". The wait is killing me
  6. I got my acknowledgement email on 06/05/17 and I haven't heard anything since. Is this happening to anyone else?
  7. Im being considered for the conditional acceptance. Is anyone else in this boat?
  8. I was supposed to hear something back by the end of October (according to the email), but I haven't even gotten the portal email. Probably a bad sign, huh?
  9. So i got a massive envelope in the mail saying that "due to a record-breaking" amount of applications, I was not accepted into MCPHS PA program. But they offered me admission for their accelerated BSN program instead. Has this happened to anyone else?
  10. I was verified on August 28th and I still haven't heard anything. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Anyone know how long it generally takes to hear back for an interview? My application was verified about 2 weeks ago and I'm wicked nervous
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