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  1. Hey all! I'm starting PA school in a few weeks! (yay!!!!!!) I'm looking for study resources and found Sketchy Medical, Picmonic, and Pathoma. Has anyone used any or all of these and which do you most recommend for didactic year? Clinical year? Thank you in advance.
  2. I got in! I had great interviewers and the building is brand new-the cadaver lab looks amazing and everyone was so friendly! Good luck to you all!!!!!!!
  3. Anyone have any idea of how many people they interview? They have a very small class size!
  4. GPA: 3.7 ISH GRE: 155, 157, 4.0 HCE: OVER 700 AND MORE IF COUNTING VOLUNTEER Idk but I hope I don't have low stats!
  5. Hi! Another PA hopeful here. I applied to thirteen schools in late June and early July, and I haven't heard anything yet. Schools list: RUTGERS NYIT PHILLY U both campuses DESALES PCOM ARCADIA MCPHS Thomas Jefferson U CHATHAM Hofstra Johnson and Wales TEMPLE How much wait time is normal before they start rejecting? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm interested in this program! Does anyone know if community college classes are accepted here? Also as long as the prereqs are part of the major curriculum and premed track , it's ok right? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! I know that the Temple program is relatively new. If anyone can shed some light on why they applied or chose to attend it that would be great! I know PA students learn alongside medical students but if there are any Temple PA students out there I'd like to hear about your experiences! Thanks!!!
  8. Ok thanks! It's just that I'm female, and I'm wondering if starting a family while working part time right after I'm done with PA school would be a possibility. Thanks!
  9. Hi! Does anyone know if you have to work full time in a hospital right out of PA school or if you can work in a clinic part time, or take a part time job in a hospital? Thanks!!
  10. Ok thank you!!! my job duties are: vitall sign charting take vitals, blood glucose translating for patients, escorting them to doctor appointments and translating for the doctor and patients there work on ADL books schedule appointments other clerical work
  11. Does working as a CNA in an adult day care center count for HCE?
  12. Has anyone heard of this: Excell Pre-Physician Assistant Clerkship Program (mainly for those on the east coast) http://excelleducation.com/pre-physician-assistant-program-clerkship-and-mentorship/ It was founded by a PA who graduated from Rutgers, and claims to help pre-PA students get into schools. Has anyone done this program and can talk a bit about their experiences? I'm thinking about doing this but I want to be sure it's legit. Anyone who has heard of or has participated in this is welcome to contribute their thoughts!!!
  13. I'm planning to apply April 2017. I attended a competitive undergrad institution. I am based on the east coast and would like to stay on that side if possible! My Stats are as follows: GPA: 3.67 Biology and premed GRE: Both verbal and math over 155, writing 3.5-should I take this again for writing? HCE: working on CNA class right now, have a job at assisted living facility-will be working full time Volunteered 150 hours nursing home, Volunteered as Physical Therapy Aide for 60 hrs Volunteer at Hospital-20 hrs Research Assistant-3 months summer Shadowed Doctor in surgery and in clinic-65 hrs Raised money for nonprofit org-over 1300 dollars I will have about 1000 hours of HCE when I apply. Should I try to apply to programs that require less HCE or have a preferred HCE status? Do I have a decent shot of getting admitted? Any school recommendations that don't require genetics or med terminology? Thanks!
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