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  1. If you don’t have medical terminology already in your curiculum I would suggest studying that. Quizlet has some good lists that have already been made. If it doesn’t help during didactic, it will definitely come in handy during clinicals. As beattie228 states enjoy this time. Hang out with your loved ones, because that’s difficult during school.
  2. I agree this takes time (at least for me to get comfortable enough). If your looking for conversation starters try listening to other people’s conversations. Then later incorporate same information in your conversations. For example people talk about vacations before they go. Once they return ask about how the vacation went. Or ask if they have seen latest movie. Some people like talking about their kids, you could ask what their kids are doing.
  3. Hey all, I am a first year student at Tech who was initially wait listed. As far ranking is concerned I know for a fact they will not tell you a number as far as where you are at. I speculate, as have others, they do list the students out in a specific order and then go down a list. Overall if your wait listed I would say take it as win, you were not declined and they see qualities of a PA in you. Have patience and wait it out (I know this is hard). I got called off the waitlist in Mid-March others got a call in April. One student got a call two days before class. The system is a little unpredictable, but it does work. For now prepare for the next application cycle or future interviews if you have any. Better to have been prepared and get off the waitlist, than to not be prepared and have to apply again with little improvement. Hope this helped !
  4. I'm blessed to say I got accepted off the waitlist last week ! I will be accepting the spot. For those of you looking on the thread while applying this upcoming round it does in fact happen later on.
  5. Just for clarification is this an undergraduate scholarship with an interest in becoming a PA or a graduate scholarship for someone accepted to PA school ?
  6. Hello so I was also at the 01/27 interview and I did receive an acceptance.
  7. Hey a question for those who have interviewed previously, do you think there is any chance I could get out by 4:30pm ? I am trying to book a flight leaving the same day and having trouble finding anything for late afternoon after our interview is over.
  8. I just got an email today stating I'm on the waitlist after 11/12 interview.
  9. Just wanted to let people know there are more interview dates.... Oct 31 Nov 10 Nov 14 I submitted my application and was verified on 07/31 and merlin was completed on 08/16. There is still hope !
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