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  1. I've given my spot up at UC, so the waitlist should be moving some more! Good luck to everyone!
  2. If I'm understanding you correctly...I received word I had been wait listed on September 20th!
  3. I personally love MMI's and they were great at CSU! It helps the applicant, because if you mess up on one, you have several more opportunities to rectify that. The faculty and staff were all very welcoming and they had great personalities, so they're easy to talk to, even when you're nervous. Good luck!
  4. I agree with what you've said! It just works out to low odds when you do the math. Also, when I interviewed, Pam Carden said, during the first night, that the faculty will sometimes fight to accept people, who they really liked, "from the bottom of the list," so the scoring system isn't the end all be all, either. Hope this helps anyone that will be applying to UC, again, and good luck in the program to the people who were accepted!
  5. Thank you for your reply! I've been going crazy trying to figure out, approximately, when we'd hear back. I noticed that the last two years, they met the second weekend in September. Hopefully they'll still be able to meet this week.
  6. Hi! Does anyone have any information on when the ARC-PA meets this month to decide accreditation status for new programs?
  7. I don't think so. I got an email from Pam Carden a few weeks ago, and she said that they'd let everyone know something on September 20th.
  8. I attended the July 24-25th session, and unless I misunderstood Pam, she said the first night they'd be taking 1-2 people from the 24-25th session, too. I hope I didn't misunderstand her!
  9. I wasn't aware that CSU had a supplemental application. It doesn't say anything about that on the website and when I spoke to a faculty member, she said that CSU didn't utilize a supplemental application. The only things I turned in were a CASPA application and my GRE scores on May 9th and I received a phone call on June 9th inviting me for an interview.
  10. I got invited for an interview on June 23rd! Is anyone else coming on that day?
  11. I am! Looking forward to hearing something soon. I hate the waiting process lol.
  12. Hi! Thank you for being on this forum. Do you know when they will be starting interviews and offering interview invites? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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