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  1. Waitlist only moved one spot last year. There were also over a hundred people on the waitlist. You should be very proud of yourself for being number 3 on the waitlist. Great job and don't give up!
  2. I've been thinking about all of us on the waitlist. I'm staying upbeat, positive, and hopeful. We are all on our path to becoming a PA and we all will get there! Anybody able to share how many are in the facebook group?
  3. Congrats dieseldog!!! Acceptance by phone call, that's crazy awesome! Thanks for the reminder not to lose hope. It ain't over till it's over. To almostPA, I haven't received a waitlist number yet.
  4. I am also on the waitlist and received two emails too. Very dissapointing! I know it was for everyone that was patiently waiting and hoping for an acceptance. Curious to see what my # will be. I already confirmed my interest in the program/spot on the waitlist.
  5. When you call and if you remember, will you please ask the questions I forgot to ask? I'm sure UTRGV gave those who were invited to attend a deadline to respond by. I'm curious to know how long we could potentially be waiting. Thank you and I hope you speak to someone who sounds informed!
  6. Congrats derkshund!!! I'm so happy for you, but worried for me! I wonder if all the acceptances have gone out. I interviewed in January. If anybody has insider information, please let those of us still waiting know. Thank you!
  7. One more thing. She said my application wasn't cleared yet and that another applicant was cleared today and offered an invitation to attend. There still is hope!!!
  8. I called the graduate school and spoke with the person assigned to my application. She basically told me exactly what @srs163 posted except one big difference. They have sent out all the rejections on the rejection list that was sent to them from the PA school. They have sent out the acceptances; however, because some people may decline they are holding applications. I don't know if this means that those that haven't heard anything are "before" the waitlist or waiting to be put on the waitlist. I forgot to ask the following questions: 1. Is the waitlist ranked? (at most schools it is not) 2. What is the deadline to accept/decline the invitation to attend? If someone wants to call and ask those questions, it would be much appreciated. I'm going to wait a few weeks to call back if I haven't heard.
  9. Have you heard anything parrotswing? I don't think they're going in alphabetical order. I'm still patiently awaiting a response. I'm an "S" but again I don't think that has anything to do with us not hearing back yet. My fingers are crossed for both of us. Have a great weekend!
  10. Bonnie will send another email once your interview date gets closer. I interviewed on a Thursday (1/5) and received the email Monday (1/2). Good luck at your interview!
  11. I believe the last interview session is on 3/30. Once that is complete, everyone that has not received an acceptance or rejection will be compared as a whole and the remaining seats will be chosen. At this point, I don't think it's safe to assume you are on waitlist. I'm remaining hopeful and believe one of those last spots is waiting for me. Positive thinking! :) I interviewed 1/5. When I interviewed, we were told there were 1600 applicants, 100 interviews, and 30 spots. I know there has been more interviews added since that statement was made. I was also told that 'immediate" acceptances and rejections would be sent out fairly quickly after the interviews. Those that did not receive one would be compared after each subsequent interview session. They do it that way because the applicant/interview sessions vary in "strength." If an early session is really strong compared to a later session, a person from that early session could get an acceptance much later than those that received "immediate" acceptances. I don't know for sure, but I think at some point they stopped comparing and are just waiting until the interview sessions are complete to make decisions.
  12. Good eye aspiringPA53! I didn't look at the pictures/profiles of the members. I did speak with a few of them at length about the program on interview day. I'm not sure if we'll here anything next week because of spring break. We can't do anything, but wait. I'm remaining hopeful and am going to enjoy a week of live music at sxsw! Patience is a virtue ;)
  13. Three of the members are admin, so 24 people who have been accepted and joined the group. This morning there was 25.
  14. I don't see the point of not sending the rejection letters. The waitlist will be used if people choose not to attend this program. I'm still holding on to the belief that not all acceptance or waitlist emails have been sent out. There are only 24 members in the UTRGV PA Class of 2019 facebook group.
  15. I'm doing some meditation, trying to remain calm. I'm telling myself that maybe those that received emails were in the first batch sent over to the graduate school and those that are in the second batch haven't heard anything yet. That would explain why some were accepted and waitlisted (because all decisions have been made from the first batch). Hoping that there will be another wave of acceptances and waitlists coming shortly. I applied in October Interviewed on Jan 9 with Dr. Strong & Longoria Current Status: Under Review
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