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  1. Quick question - if I've been taking MUS133X (Advanced Piano) for 2 units every quarter, does that count as a repeated class? I receive a letter grade each time, but will that just be averaged out to one course and one grade? Thanks!
  2. I guess on some level I'm a bit irrationally worried about what others will think - my mother in particular wants me to do things faster, to "save time and money", but she never went to college so I don't think she understands how difficult things are for me. I also feel like many of my classmates who decided early on about dental school, pharm school, etc. are doing one gap year if they do one at all. I just don't want anyone to think me as lazy or slow, I guess. But I realize that a) that's an irrational fear since I am so Type A & generally a competent human being, b) everyone's journey
  3. Woah! Thanks to all who have replied. I didn't expect so many replies - thank you all; I really appreciate your time. I didn't mention this earlier, but I skipped a grade in elementary school, so I'll be graduating at the age of 20 - turning 21 in May 2017. I feel like that'd be more of a reason to take the extra year to grow as a person and apply when I feel ready. (As cheesy as that sounds). I just feel like I was rushed to get into college -- visiting east coast schools by myself at the ripe age of 16 -- and attending first year when I was 17. Then I pressured by my parents to "get int
  4. Hey everyone, I'm going into my last year at as a Cell & Developmental Biology major. I recently found out that I'm going to be able to graduate three months early, in March, so I'm thinking about applying in June/July of 2017. I decided last year to make the switch from pre-med to pre-PA, and I'm enjoying this journey so much more than the pre-med route. So far my GPA is a 3.52 and I have 300 hours so far, but will be around ~1500+ by the end of July 2017 if I work full-time as an EMT from March to June. I'm EMT certified and I currently volunteer as an MA. I have a couple of C's
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